Friday, February 29, 2008

Good friday to all!

I had planned on posting about a paint idea that saved us a ton of money....but truthfully... things have been rough here and I'm wiped out! More importantly than my small problems are those of my cousin. We received word today that he and his young family are in "lockdown" in Cameron, Africa. They have been missionaries to children and their families for many years. There has been no further contact. Because of wars that are raging in neighboring countries, thousands of refugees are flooding into Cameron. They are looking for food, shelter, etc.And in many cases unable to find what they need or want. The mountain orphanage that my cousins were supposed to take over was bombed and 17 people were killed. My aunt and other family memebers (who were going to visit the new baby) have been denied visas.
If you feel led please pray for Jake, Holly, Joshua, Seth, baby Jude and all the other children. That they will have peace and safety. That the Father's Will, will be done in this situation.
We are unsure of food, water etc. at this time.

Thank you and Blessings,
Julie - momof4sweetsisters

Friday, February 15, 2008

We are currently getting our home ready for sale with "Gazelle" intensity! I'm almost wiped out! But I wanted to tell you of my landscaping bargain! We were at Lowes picking up plants and mulch for the front yard and I was having a hard time paying $10 for landscape packs that I wouldn't see for much longer! Well they had a clearance rack! Yipee!!!!
I found a couple of 18 packs of flowers for $4.50 each pack! They had already bloomed, but the plants were in wonderful shape. Well, I just looked outside and they are starting to bloom again!
They also will discount broken bags of mulch and soil.

Also, if you need to clean your carpets why not see if a friend needs to also. You can split a day rental or even a 1/2 day rental.
Also at the depot you can pay 1/2 day rental after 5 pm and you don't have to bring it back in until the next morning!

Have a wonderful weekend!