Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of Diets and Mammos

Well, I feel this is a timely post. My number is up! It's time for my 1st mammo. Actually I'm a bit young (not by much)to be getting one done, but given my family history as of late I need to have it done. "They" called 3 or 4 times last month and I never scheduled........... I'm a bit of a health nut and procedures, doctors and I don't always get along. Reason. I feel I lose control, have very little say, and can I really trust them (just because they have a degree doesn't mean a hill of beans ((at times)! So even though I don't want this procedure done, and I don't think I'll get into a yearly habit of it I'm going to discuss it with my Husband. Go with his direction and leading. I've had some cause for alarm, but the NP feels it's just cysts. I can get a little crazy and forget that medicine can be used of the Lord. It would be better to find something and go after it naturally now. Then wait and have to do some horrible procedures plus the healthy ways later. So I'll talk to Superman and see what his feel is on it!

Now to dieting. Hmmmmm..... Where to start. I've been dieting since I was about 9 years old. I'm from Protugese and Polish decent. Hmmmmmm. We've eaten healthy, organic, done our grains etc for about 13 years. BUT I'm still severly overweight. Good news, I lost 50 lbs!. Bad news I've gained 9 back. Unfortunately the diet I went on was severly low in cals. and carbs. Well it has TOATLLY messed up my eating! I've gone back to the all or nothing mentality, crying to the Lord to show me the way to continue. So this is what happened at the NP's office. For the next month. I'm to eat apx. 1200 with carbs added back in. That means WHOLE GRAIN with NO guilt. I'm going to keep a log, but I will not count carbs or cals and turn it in every two weeks. She would like me to eat 6 times a day (hard for me to get in the habit of). Also when there is a Birthday or event I'm to eat a sliver of the cake or goodie if I want. This is where I get into trouble. I feel bad for eating something that's "not on plan". Within momments I'm feeling bad. Then I feel I've messed up and continue to "blow it"! So with the Lord's help and guidance and with my Superman's support I plan to try again. We have 3 family Birthdays in the next week!

Well, I'm off to sew nighties! I'm also havinh Homeschool convetion withdrawl. This is the first one we've missed in 10 years!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Morning Everyone! The day was not as I have planned.... again! I'm sure glad I'm learning not to be tied to my schedule.

These are the first of the pillow cases I've started making for Christmas. They ended up taking much longer than I expected because I picked a satin stich style. But they are super sweet and I fear I'll have trouble parting with them.

Late yesterday we received a call that someone is coming from out of town to see our home today. Mad dash! We had let it go a bit, but after 3 hours of cleaning and reorganizing it is back in shape. I just have some minor things for this morning. I'm trying not to get too excited/scared about the prospect of this being "the one". It will open a whole new can of worms for us and deepening our trust in the Lord!

I have a neat Frugal Friday post coming up this week and I'll also post picks of the vintage house coats I made for each of the chickadees. Next on the list is nighties! Check back if you can!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day- a day late But not a dollar short!

Good morning to all. Thank you for all your beautiful Mother's Day greetings and gifts! But a special thank you to my Lord and Savior who made it all possible for me by giving me a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful handmaidens of the Lord. I started out the day with breakfast in bed. Then off to church where my littlest chick wanted me to hold and cuddle her through the whole service.I love when that happens, it's VERY rare these days.Then off to celebrate with the other mothers in our family. Family, friends and swimming for everyone. Boy, was it hot! But it was a nice day to be with family. Everyone is growing up so fast!

The picture above is what I gave to each of the ladies in our family. It's my favorite Laundry Bath that we make here at Four Sweet Sisters. I've tweaked the recipe to our personal needs and really like it! We will be selling it here in town starting very soon!

Here's the recipe for those who can't wait: 1/2c Washing Soda, 1/2c Borax, 1/4 bar Fels-Naptha grated on a fine grater. Enough water to make 2 gallons of bath.

I heat 6 cups of water and all ingredients until they're just about ready to boil. I then pour them into bottles that are partially full of cool water. Then top off with more cool water. Shake (with lid on) and let stand for atleast 24 hours (48 is better). Shake every now and then during that time. That's it! I use 1/4 to 1/2 depending on load size. (There are a ton of different recipes- like I said I "tweaked" it for us. Hillbilly Housewife is where I got the idea)

Lemon Icee (I'm sorry but I don't recall where I got the recipe, but it's another "tweaker"):

1/3 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup sucanat w/ honey, demara, or white sugar
Apx. 3/4 of a blender of ice
Apx. 1 cup of water

*** Let Sugar dissolve it lemon juice and water. It takes just a second. Pop in ice and let it whiz around until smooth. Serve immediately to hot children and husband!
I also like to add frozen strawberries (Superman isn't big on straight lemon), blueberries, flavorings etc. I've found that it doesn't work nearly as well with stevia (I use it) because the sugar is the icee key!

A Dollar Short?
-We are not! Praise the Lord!
-NO NEW DEBT was created for yet another month!
-Still working on getting will made out.
-Stimulus money came - it stimulated our car savings account. Both our cars are almost 20 years old.
-Trying to figure out ways to create more income so we can give more away. So many areas we want to help that truly need money.
-Had a harder time being accountable to the budget because we didn't have an "official meeting". Creative financing happened a bit!

Have a beautiful day!