Monday, June 28, 2010

a wee bit tried.....

All the girls from Grace.

Oh the mountains are so beautiful! I could have stayed longer had the rest of my family been with me. As it was I was more than anxious to be home. Superman and School Girl did a superb job of running the house and getting extras done. Nothing for me to clean up or do when i returned home! Thank you. I've slept, slept and slepted again since being back! Those rivers can sure take it out of a girl.

Putting in at the Ocoee.

Getting a little wet and wild!

Pure Exhilaration or Crazy?

Lots of water, wonderful devotions, time alone and with friends. What a great trip!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy, sad, excited!

Tomorrow I leave on a trip with a bunch of crazy fun young adults (in training)! We're headed for Tennessee right after service. It should be a fun, crazy trip of river rafting, tubing and just being in the mountains. I'm thrilled to be going with Urban Girl!

My relationship with her is changing. From one of Mom/daughter to Mom/friend and young woman/daughter. I'm glad for these time where I get a chance to slowly ease into our new stage and see her as more than my little girl. I don't mean to say that I don't already get daily glimpses, but this is a blessing.

I will say it's strange to be going and leaving so much of my family behind. They have exciting plans while we are gone and I know Superman can handle just about anything. I mean we don't call him Superman for nothing! But still, I'm the Mommy and I'm used to being in charge of my home. School Girl and I planned fun meals for while we are gone. So I know it's under control.

So all this being said I excited, nervous about rafting (it's been 21 years). But I can't wait to be in the mountains. It's my favorite place to be!

See you when we get back!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

an update from yesterday

I called the younger girls in from the pool, seeing that they didn't accomplish a task that they were required to do earlier. While they were starting said task I went into the schoolroom to work on lessons plans. All of the sudden I hear moaning, then crying...

Somehow daughter #3 got daughter #4's hair caught in the sweeper vac that we use on the wood floors! Yup, not just one section, but multiple sections of her head. I shut it down and held it tightly while daughter#2 unraveled the tresses admist the tears.

My first thought: where did I put that camera? (sad i know.don't judge.)

Yes, I did blow up a tenny tiny bit. I'm assuming the best and leaving it up to natural consequences. I hope we all have learned a very important lesson! Let me know if you figure it out.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fight the good fight?

So I was over at Raising Homemakers this morning. I get reminders from their site via face book. Anyhow, I 'm really enjoying the site because sometimes I get bogged down in the midst of it all. I even feel at times I'm in a battle, unfortunately a battle of wills. Much of it is of my own making.

Today the discussion revolved around keeping a household. A huge item jumped out at me... Yikes! Dare I come clean... here goes..... I don't follow through enough with my girls. Ugh!!!

Those of you who know me know this. I've been trying to keep it from myself and blame it all on them. Bad mom, I know. Now believe me I'm not being to hard on myself. We all (I hope I'm not the only one) have things come up in life that throw us off track. I unfortunately don't always get back on!
One of my summer "head" goals (meaning I didn't write it down in stone) was to get on top of it with my girlies and stay there. I'm not talking about being mean. I'm saying that I'm going to be firm everyday and if we're late getting to the beach, library or a friend's house then we'll just have to explain it truthfully until we get it together. We will not shirk our responsibilities for a later time! The time never seems to come and then yes, unfortunately; Momma is having a melt down over what they didn't do! It all leads back to the Momma.

One good thing that I plan on pulling back out is our flip charts for keeping rooms clean. I made these up a couple of years ago so that each daughter would have a check off list of how each room should be done. I plan on giving classes in Bathroom 101, Pots and Pans, Sink drains and Laundry Room Etiquette. A refresher for some and new skills for others.

Pray along with me that I will set a godly example to my young and old. That we can find joy in the mundane and make our Superman, Daddy and Papa proud!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Koi Fish!

No rhyme or reason. I just had a chance to be here today!

School Girl coaxed me into buying a cupcake book for school this coming year. It's so cute and we're having fun working our way through it.

We started by making picnic ants with watermelons on their backs! Too cute, but alas I have no pictures. So today I made and effort to make sure we took some pics of her Koi fish. They turned out just like the book! I think the children at the swim party will really enjoy them.

Beside baking we have been super busy with the daily life of running a house, finishing up any loose ends for the school year, writing class plans and getting everything ready for August. Swimming and scrap booking are in full swing. I've also taken some time and read 5 books in the last 3 weeks. I really enjoy reading, but I put it on hold because I get to engrossed in it. This year I'm trying to read out in the screened gazebo in the evenings and quiet myself down for the day. Ahhh.

Any ideas on some great reads? It's been a long time. I may just read what's on Urban Girl's history list for this coming year and lasts.