Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Hello all..... I mean any of you lovely people who still happen by to see what us crazy folks are up too!
Today was veg coop and we got lots of our chicks favorites, including Diakon Radishes. For all who don't know what they are... I'll just send chick #2 to take a pic.

While we're waiting, isn't crazy and mostly wonderful how different all of our children are! I mean I have one who is working on "back" algebra with Superman and another who is debating on how much extra math she'll do to get ahead and counting the days till testing! This is one area I wished they were all more alike!

Okay, back to radish talk. Here's what they look like. Like big white carrots. They taste spicy and crunchy.
Thanks chick #2!

Well are favorite thing to make with the babies are Diakon Pancakes. I'm really not sure if there is a recipe. I kinda made it up. Okay, I cheated a bit and took it from a Potato Pancake recipe. You maybe asking yourself, why? Well, I don't want to throw the produce out just because we are to wimpy to try it. So I thought... hey, I'll hide it and they'll eat it! Sure enough they thought they were Potato Pancakes. Yippee! Another veggie added to the list.

So here's my own recipe...really!

4 LARGE diakon radishes (finely grated & squeezed)

4 small potatoes (finely grated & squeezed) OR you can use 4 more diakons (I do this when I want lower the calorie count)

1 medium grated onion

2 eggs

3/4 cup whole wheat or white flour

Garlic, Salt & Pepper to taste

Make sure you squeezed the excess juices from the diakons and potatoes. Mix in all ingredients with hands! It's great fun. Put a skillet on with olive oil and fry baby, fry.

Yummy! Serve with a BIG salad and fruit.

Give them a try. Tomorrow are fresh apples come. So lots of cooking this weekend. See you soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Garden Adventure Part 1

Let me 1st make a disclaimer or 2! We are CRAZY Surburites who long for small town country life. We really have no clue of what we are doing, but we think we are experts! Also remember we are in our work clothes, compliments of the 25 cent rack.

We (I) read many gardening books this summer in preparation for our move to the country and/or how to garden in the great state of Florida. My two favorites are Square Foot Gardening and Vegetable Gardening in Florida.

First off we decided on a plot to suite our family needs. Okay kinda, sorta. It's apx. 28ft x 18ft.
I have no gruesome pics off the pulling out of grass. My oldest chick and I did a lot of that while the youngers filled the wheel barrow. We picked up this hand held roto tiller years ago on deep discount, but unfortunately the 1st day our weed whip lost it's whippiness. So we did it alone until we could barrow Poppy's. Some machines are SO worth it!

After Superman was done tilling and all the grass was gone. We added in loads of leaf compost and manure. Then he tilled that in. Then we headed to to our county parks dept and got free mulch to keep in all our improvements and water. (not sure where those pics are, but you get the idea)
We then let the ground sit until the end of August (about 7 weeks) We then had a date night out to plan out our garden. We have 12 4x4 feet plots with 2 foot walk ways and 1 foot perimeter (apx).
Then we re-tilled and improved just the 4x4 plots.
Aren't these boots to cute! They really come in handy.

Can I just say I'm a weekend project person (so this was huge for me- not as big as building our house though).
I was also bummed on and off about whether our house would sell and are were doing all this work for nothing.... Superman, being his usual self said life must go on. So we are living where were are, for now. If someone decides to buy the house, they get a great garden or a nicely cleared piece of land.
Let the fencing begin. Many times I've thought about putting a cute sign out front calling our home Squirrel Pond ( our last place was Rose Cottage). Needless to say from the title you've gathered that we have an abundance of what I once thought were God's cute little creatures! Well they really can ruin things! Do I have stories.................
Anyway, the fence wasn't for them. It's basically to keep the children, dogs, ducks, bikes, and anything else they could think of out!
My oldest chick would have you believe she was the Hammer Princess, but in fact I am the Hammer Queen! Just look at me go....I put almost every stake in!!!!

Here's Superman and one of the little chicks putting up the chicken wire.

Here's another one helping out. I'm not sure where the little chef was?????
We also put a reed fence up to beautify it a bit. I show you more in my next installment! Wait until you see what's growing!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's been awhile.....

Hi all! Sorry it's been so long. To much is happening right now for me to blog. Between field trips, regular school work, 4-h and Christmas rehearsal.... I'm beat!

We were so slow and relaxed this summer that it all has taken me by surprise. I actually have thought about giving up blogging during this season.

Today, I moved my pray and praise chair back into our bedroom. It's been out since Feb. because it doesn't match with the room and takes up space while trying to sell the house.
Can I say it has thrown me for a loop! I NEED my little quiet space. So if someone wants our house they're gonna have to handle my black leather guy chair!!!

I also went through my Christmas present stash and reorganized so that I don't over buy. I won't over spend because we have a set budget. I'm hoping to squeak a new computer or camera out of it!

I also went through our DVDs and purged! I purged before our garage sale a couple of weeks ago, but seeing the garage empty makes me need to clear out again!

We're studying Romans 12:9-15 and Philippians 3:12-16. VERY GOOD!

I plan to be back soon!