Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Chaos to Order

We interrupt your blog time to let you know that I've fallen off the Order wagon and need desperately to get back on! I feel like my life is in complete Chaos, but if you were to look through a window at it you would just see us as being a bit busy. I mean, I haven't even posted pics of our new girl, Big Betty and she's already on her way to the doctor's.

In case you have no clue who Big Betty is, she's a new to us 1997 Suburban. (Ooooo do i like her!) We tend to name our automobiles around here. Don't ask me why, but we do it with our children also. They leave the hospital with their birth name, but by the time they arrive home they have their nickname. Then blog names there after. I'll try and post some pics of Big Betty when she gets back. Praying it's a inexpensive celluloid problem (not cellulite).

We're also doing our end of the year school testing this week. I like to do it early. It shows me where we've fallen off track and where we are excelling. Then we can adjust and add in new items of interest. I pretty much know what needs tweaking, but this is required by our state and confirms what I pretty much already know.

On top of that Urban Girl has taken her Traffic class, has gotten her Permit and is will be learning to drive. Whew! A lot in one week.

AND if that weren't enough we were also featured on our local Fox News station about our chickens. I was hoping to provide links, but they don't have any up yet. So now we're local TV stars! Always knew we'd make it to the big time! Hehehehe.

So Chaos is reigning. I need to spend time (like days or weeks) all alone focusing on what the Lord what's me to do next. I mean. I've forgotten how to listen. If you're feeling the same way, I urge you to stay up the extra hour, get up earlier, sit down at nap time or send the kiddos out to play for hour. Rest and listen. Just be still and listen even it's only for 10 minutes. I wish I had a day, weekend or maybe even a week.... But I'll take 10, 20 and would be thrilled with 60 minutes!

Rest and wait on Him. Let Him start you on a fresh path. Praise Him for all the glorious things He's done for you. The trials He has seen you through and the times of learning to come!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Last Little House Post- i think!

3 of the 4 sweeties in front of the box office!

Well, life has been even more busy than the Holiday Season around here. I've been waiting for it to slow down, but I just don't think it's gonna happen. So I must keep swimming. Just keep swimming! And on that note, I've got many excuses why I haven't been exercising. I'll leave them to your imagination and just say that I'm revving up for spring and warmer water.

Girls night out!

Mrs. Sweetie Pie, Julie and Tina (Gilbert Gang)

Last night we had the great pleasure of attending Little House on the Prairie, the Musical. I really enjoyed the books as a child, young woman and as a mom so I was a bit concerned on how this would translate to the theater. Also, I wondered if they were going to try and play up the T.V. side of things a bit to much. All my fears vanished with the opening scene! They did a superb job. The writing and lyrics were wonderful. My eldest daughters actually had tears in their eyes, while Farm Girl (the epitome of Laura) sat on the edge of here seat for 2 hours without showing the slightest signs of boredom! As we walked out of the theater at intermission she was so bummed thinking it was over... you should have seen the joy on her face when she realized there was another act! (the total musical ran roughly 2 hours)

Prairie Scenery

Melissa Gilbert and some of the Cast

There were some tongue in cheek moments with Nellie Olsen (played more like the T.V. character) which made the girls and audience laugh a lot! Scene changes were smooth and beautiful. Just what you would expect from a Broadway production. The actors were marvelous and friendly. We had a few moments with them at the end. Melissa Gilbert really feels deeply that this a play for the people and she wanted it to be seen by the people. She said that Broadway can be tough on everything and a Family Friendly Musical could easily be picked apart and close on opening night.

If this musical comes your way, go see it! You won't be disappointed.

Some of the girlies and Carly (green hat) who played Carrie. We met her outside on our way to the car. She was so excited to be in the musical.

Broadway or not, we thoroughly enjoyed it! It's here in Tampa Bay until March 7th , then heads to Naples,FL.