Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farm Girl

Today I've had the rare opportunity to spend most of my day with Farm Girl, alone. We did some garage sales (which we both adore) and found some new treasures for each of us. We went and bought a new pool for months of fun swimming and we just had the chance to talk. Ahhh.

I realized we don't get much of that "alone time" kind of talking. The kind you get when you've had a chance to reconnect and you both feel you can ask any question on your heart or mind. A blessed time. I am one blessed woman.

This afternoon; while I worked on hulling strawberries and she eating wasabi almonds, the subject of her future husband came up. We had an in depth discussion of the man. (Only the Lord knows who he is at this point. She's not even double digits yet!)

Anyhow after the "heavy" discussion she says," You know if my husband is a Millionaire and then becomes a Farmer I think we'll open a different kind of ride park (than Disney). You and Daddy will of course have free passes..."

Everything always comes back to being a Farmer! Now she is off making a a bucket (out of the almond can) for her doll.


P.S. Her new favorite book we found today: The American Girl Handy Book: The Centennial Edition reprint from 1887 Lina Beard & Adelia B. Beard