Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sumo Update!

Does anyone recall me explaining the Sumo Diet? Go here and find out more. Unknown to me, I was following this lovely large plan. Ugh, yikes, I could scream were a couple of my thoughts and emotions.

After I got over the initial shock and horror. I became terrified. Yay, I over did it. I was a afraid to sit down for fear of being sedentary. Don't worry, it didn't last long. I REALLY did not want to low carb diet anymore. Especially when we eat really healthy, preservative free and organic.

Calorie counting at this point in my life would take an enormous amount of thought and time (although I'm still holding on to the idea- it's falling further back in my mind) So I've prayed and swam and swam while I prayed, yelled, screamed and shed a few tears. (You can do all that under water without people noticing - I think) Finally after having my rant I knew what I was supposed to do. The hardest of all weight control solutions out there!

Eat when I'm really hungry and stop when I'm satisfied... Simple you say. Well, I expected it to be excruciatingly hard. It wasn't. I had forgotten what freedom it brings me. All foods are "good" in right proportion! I will say that I have had to be careful of not getting into the routine of eating lots of sweets. I'm daily having to call on my Father to help me make good choices and stay away from poor ones. If there's homemade whole grain cookies around I still want to eat those instead of breakfast. I also have to choose to eat veggies. I have eaten so many I could easily skip them for awhile.

So here's my basic plan prescribe for me by my Heavenly Father:
  1. Eat when I'm truly hungry and stop when satisfied. (Find it if it's lost)
  2. Eat whole grains
  3. Fresh veggies
  4. Protein
  5. Have something sweet everyday, if I like. Don't make the whole day sweets.
  6. Drink plenty of water, lemon water, tea w/stevia. Stay away from empty calories.
  7. Eat only when I'm truly hungry and don't gobble food down to "fit" more in before my full signal. Remind myself I get to eat again and whatever I like.

That's it. Nothing more. I do have to be super conscious of when I'm going to eat and when satisfied is here. Sometimes I go to full, but not stuffed or worse! The Lord is really helping me with this. I couldn't do it without Him. I have had weight loss my first week and am very excited to continue. I'm still exercising 4 to 5 times a week, but now I'm losing weight, gaining muscle and strength. Not just staying the same.

A big key for me is to take it day by day. Learn from my mistakes and "not throw the baby out with the bath water" (a saying from my mom). I'm going to try and only weigh myself every 2 weeks or so. I may not do it at all, now that I know it works! Sometimes those numbers like to make me think I can reward myself or go off the deep end... But I already get to "reward" myself by eating what I like?

So here what this Crazy, Homeschool Mom has been up to! Has anyone else had success with this type of eating?

I would love to hear from you!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Egypt We Go

Before studying creation we are jumping ahead to Egypt so when we go back to Creation we will hopefully see a bigger picture. Errrr, I think. Anyway, I have majorly balked at teaching the Ancient World because (excuse coming) other than Biblical spots ( i know, I know it's all wrapped together) I really have no desire. But the children must still learn! Even if I never learned any of it, maybe that's another reason (excuse). Note to self- maybe you're feeling out of your comfort zone- ouch! Did I just write that?
The good thing is my Chickadees are totally wanting this! They are gobbling it up and know more than I'll ever know about Egypt (yes I'm studying with them- but they read even further than I do). We are doing this unit study style so there are plenty of projects.

Last week we made cookie maps and drew pictures of pyramids and sphinxes.

This week we made crowns that stand for a United Egypt (that would Upper and Lower Egypt after a Pharaoh Narmer conquered a brought both kingdoms together- see I'm learning something)

The red crown is for Lower Egypt and white for Upper Egypt.

Also, did you know that a Pharaoh could be man or woman? She's a pretty tough looking cookie!

And finally, did you know that whether you were male or female you must wear a fake beard and tail in public for ceremonies? Farm Girl wore hers most of the afternoon. All crowns , whatever the region had a cobra on the front to signify wisdom. Usually silver, but you get the idea.

Today was a big day because we also made Cartouches (car-toosh ). They would write a person's name in hieroglyphics on them. Then they would be worn or hung on a wall.

And as if that were not enough! We tried our hands at pyramids, clay doll and horses that children long ago would have played with.

Happy Schooling!


A Confession

This a true confession, but I think I may have already confessed it before. During the school day I can sometimes get a bit crabby or my expectation may be a bit high (or right on) and it comes out in exasperation with my chickadees. Starting ToG has added a bit more. Although I think we're getting the swing of things.

Well when theses times arise I usually step away from the school table and over to the counter. I then throw myself into something relatively creative. Usually cooking, planning projects for the holidays, or dare I say deep cleaning the kitchen. Today was just that sort of day!

Farm Girl was getting tense and I was WAY past tense. So before exploding or imploding I decided we needed a fresh batch of cookies. We are usually a plain Jane chocolate chip kind of family, but today I needed more. Chunks of chocolate, raisins, cranberries, white chocolate, or nuts galore!

So I pulled out a bag of BOGO Dove dark chocolate and pecans.

My next thought was homemade vanilla (this bottle was made with rum) and our own farm fresh eggs (or should I say suburban backyard fresh).

Who could stop there I ask you? I threw in some (a lot) of rolled oats. Yummy!

Add a little whole wheat flour, butter, sucanat, and whaa la! You have delicious cookies. Make sure your exercising if you going to eat these babies because one is not enough.

Hope your day is not imploding around you - take a break and bake!


Monday, August 24, 2009

the chickadees are begging me...

The girls are begging me to post. I've got nothing, nada, zip, zilch...
We have been hitting the new school year hard and I feel that's all I know how to talk about.

I could talk about my reasons for liking a mixture of text books and unit studies. If you don't homeschool you may be bored out of your gourd! On that subject (not gourds), learning is changing in our home. We (they) are digging deeper to learn and having to find a lot more on their own this year. I want as much of it to stick as possible and have a bit of fun while doing it.

We are working out the kinks of Tapestry and really enjoying Spelling Power/English from the Roots/English. Okay, I'm really enjoying them. And you know the old saying, "If momma ain't happy ain't no body happy".

The weather (oh how boring) is cooling off a bit (low 80's) for evening. We've been outside with the chickens and breaking down the old garden. We hope to move it for an October planting in the next couple of weeks. The reason for the move. TO much shade last fall. I planted broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and they didn't come to fruition until late spring...ugh.

Well that's all part of it. The chickadees have 3 plots that we will start preparing tomorrow for fall planting at the 4-H garden. we've changed plots and it's the Little Chef's 1st time having her own plot. It's going to be a great season ;)

Hey! Does anyone have any good updated Praise and Worship cd's that come with music. We need words and we need to be able to sing along. We've been using a really nice compilation of old hymns with piano, parts and sheet music. We would like to spice it up occasionally. So let me know!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Much to Say

Do ever feel like you haven't a thing to say? Yes, your world is whirling around you at great speed but you're in slow motion? I feel like that. We have a hefty week of club meetings and just plain old school.

We've got hormones and a bit of frustration flying. I'm happy to report there has been no blood shed (just kidding). I can see everything coming together in most areas. My planning this whole summer was not for nothing.

The Little Chef said this morning, " Let start school. Let's rock this!" (Not sure were she picked up that lingo.) The older girls are enjoying their intro to Greek and Latin. (I think they will need more in depth next year.) And the tape recorder was a big hit. I've been told I'm so awesome more times than I can count (can't let that go to my head). The Little Chef asked how the lady on the machine knew her and her sister's name. Very funny!

So other things have fallen to the wayside. Garden, I need to plant my broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts! Plus lots of other gardening things to do.

Continue working on Christmas gifts.

Exercise. I haven't quit. I haven't lost much, but I feel so much better.

For now, getting back into our routine and creating new habits is at the top of our list!

Have a great day! I'm off to English Class!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

New School Year!

Well I tried up loading our daily schedule for the world to see, but it said it was corrupt and/ or unreadable. I pray we have more ease in following it!

Highlights in learning this year:

Little Chef- 100 easy lessons, Saxon 1st grade (half year w/ Urban Girl), Tapestry of Grace y1, science readers (on tape) and Moody science videos

Farm Girl - Spelling Power, English from the Roots Up, R&S English, Saxon 3, Tapestry of Grace y1, oral reading w/ Urban Girl, La Clase Devertida w/ School Girl, Johnathan Park Aquarium and Zoo series and Moody Science videos

School Girl- Spelling Power, English from the Roots Up, R&S English, Saxon 6th grade w/ Dive, Tapestry of Grace y1, Observing God's World (science), La Clase Devertida (Spanish)

Urban Girl- Beyond Phonics, English from the Roots Up, Notgrass' World History- Literature, Writing and Bible, Apologia Chemistry (yikes!), Math -U- See Review all Algebra and go from there..., Health (AO), Driver's Ed, and help with little girls

All - together Bible and Hymns/praise and worship songs to start our mornings off!

Extra curricular: 4-H garden, speech club, chess club, TWIGS and work.

So that's it! Crazy.... I know, but somehow it all comes together by the Grace of my God. May He show us what He truly wants us to learn this year and that we take it into our hearts and minds so that we can grow greater in knowledge and understanding of Him and the wonderful world He has created.

Happy School Year Everyone!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Frugal Rain?

Okay, this is a rather silly but (i feel) a frugal tip. Rain. The Lord's water faucet. His way of refreshing the world and giving it a good drink!Errrrrrrrrr a bath?

I have to admit I was a bit surprised when Superman broke out the shampoo last Saturday afternoon. See, I look stunned!

Everyone thought that was neat and decided to give it a try. I wonder in Laura Ingalls would yell, "Manly it's raining. Get a hunk of soap!" I prefer to think back to the pioneers and what they went through and might have thought. Superman was concerned it was a bit to backwoods, dare He say Redneck! Hey, he started it:)

Here on the suburban farm we use a rain barrel. I never thought I would do something so "earth friendly", but being in 4-H has given us that opportunity. We would actually have more if we had gutters! Our barrel stores about 60 gallons of water. You can get them smaller and prettier. We went through 4-H and took a class. The total cost was $35 and have we used it over the last year!

I 'm a bit more refined. The water coming off the roof was a great massage!
(We didn't use the rain barrel for washing ourselves etc. It can get a bit mucky at times)

I usually water the front beds (we are under heavy watering restrictions most of the time), but I've also hooked up a hose and watered of veggie garden. One of the best outdoor investments we've made!
So check out more savvy tips over at Life As Mom where Frugal Friday is in Full swing!
Don't forget to take a break and play in the rain with the ones you love!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sumo Wrestlers

Have you ever read about the Sumo Wrestler's diet and how he trains? Well in my morning reading (which doesn't happen as often as I like) I started a book by Laurette Willis entitled ,
Strengthening Your Body and Soul: Basic Steps to Godly Fitness. I've had this book for a couple years and tried her alternative to Yoga work out. I liked it, but wasn't quite ready for it.

Anyway on the third page of chapter one she goes into the Sumo's diet. I was soooooo distraught. I'm on that diet!!!! Not totally, but pretty darn close! Go here if you want to read up on it. I did a small search and found out it's true......ugh..... I've been working my buns off in the pool to no avail! (i've seen a lot of strengthening and a couple of inches- but not what should be happening.)

For years I've been trying to figure out why I gain weight when I exercise. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm talking 5 to 10 pounds (muscle gain) and then staying there instead of losing weight. I end up getting discouraged. Yes, I do feel healthier, but I don't have much to show for it. So I either eat more or exercise less. hmmmmm.

Basicall the regime of a Sumo is this: no breakfast, a very intense work out, an enormous lunch of stew ( a very healthy beef and vegetable stew) and beer, sleep 3 hours, have enormous dinner the same as lunch and sleep, sleep, sleep - no movement!

Well this is how the past 6 weeks have gone. I get up with the chicks, they eat breakfast. I don't because I don't want to be sick in my class. We go and exercise. We come home. I eat something like breakfast and lunch mixed ( 4 eggs with cheese or homemade hummus with whole grain pita chips and fruit). All healthy low carb 100% whole grains, fruits, veggie, yada yada yada.

By this time I exhausted! I've really worked out hard. So what I do is sit down to do all my work. I of course move around a bit, but not much. I'm a VERY sendentary person. Sometimes I'm so exhausted that I take a nap with the little ones. So this is what ends up happening for a couple of hours (2 or 3) afterwards. Then I'm refreshed and I get up and do more active types of chores.

We eat a healthy dinner, but again afterwards I'm sedentary for quite awhile. Nothing more active for the evening. I'm not a T.V. Potato more a Reading, Crafting, Computing Spud!

See any similarities? I'm beside myself! The Lord as shown this to me and confirmed it in many ways in the past week. He knows the plans He has for me!

So what now? This morning I didn't want to exercise, but I did. I wanted eat more than I should at lunch, but I didn't. I'm getting off the computer right now because I have a date with my kitchen cabinets and pantry. I'm praying and listening. Trying to figure out how to seriously change this issue, problem (i could just scream).

Even though I'm raging a bit I can see a plan being formulated. I'll post more later. I have to get MOVING.

Has anybody else out there experienced what I'm talking about? Love to hear from you and how your changing or have changed it.