Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you laid one like this?

Or should I say has one of your chickens ever laid one like this? I keeping thinking "Vermont Volleyball" ( Bing Crosby, White Christmas) but that really has nothing to do with this or does it (poor Danny Kaye). We seem to have girl that lays like this occasionally. No extra squawking, but it sure looks like it's got to be painful! You can't tell from the picture but this egg is larger than a Extra Large Fancy eggs from the grocery. It's just like any other egg once you crack it open, but it does look unappetizing.

Have you ever "laid a egg"? I'm sure we all have. In fact there are days where it's just best if I keep my mouth shut! Today could be one of those days. Lots of extra squawking and pain for everyone in ear shot. I'm relying on my Father to get me through and keep my beak shut!
Have a great day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I gave into temptation....

It's Monday... One of those kind of days where...need I say more? It's not super bad (because I gave my day over to the Lord), but it does have it's twists and turns. (Here comes my excuse, get ready, wait for it, wait for it.) I have been craving meat and chocolate all weekend. I could eat roast beef and/or chicken for every meal with a piece of some kind of chocolate to clear the palate. Ahh... I said it. I need meat and chocolate! I see it everywhere I go. I have recipes swirling through my brain. I cracked. Here's what I did:

2 1/2 cup of 60% cocoa chocolate chips

2 HUGE glugs of vanilla to wash it down (just kidding)

1 can of sweeten condensed milk (John Wayne saved the life of a new born baby with this stuff over the weekend in the 3 Godfathers.)

Melt on medium heat. pour into parchment lined dish, get every bit out of the hot pot (don't burn your tongue), let fudge cool in fridge.

Eat a piece every 15 minutes, I mean test for coolness every 15 minutes or so.

Cut 10 small pieces so everyone can have a taste. Leave some for desert. Pop the rest into freezer in case a repeat is needed in a day or two. Yum!
Give your cares to Lord, sometimes you may get chocolate!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The girls

I thought you might like to see some pretty shots of two of the chickadees. My girlfriend is a wonderful woman of God, wife, mom and photographer. Angela you're awesome. Loving Legacy Photgraphy So take a peek!

School Room Redo

I've been away for awhile. I'm finding that school and our schedule are a bit more rigorous and I don't have much time to think. Which is was I need if I want to blog! Yep. I'm not a writer and I have to use a lot of brain power at times. So I've been on Face Book quite a bit (no brain power required).

Today we took a break and cleaned the house. Yippee! Did it need it. I think it's the dirtiest it has ever been. We started earlier this week with Farm Girl doing baseboard, trash cans etc. Today we hit all the rooms and pantry. Did gross ceiling fans, wiped down cabinets, vacuumed behind furniture, window sills, you name it. I also got a couple of shots of our School Room. I never showed how it turned out. We've been living with it for about 3 months and it's working out much better for us. Here are some of before. 11x10 room.



Lots of School Resources and lets not forget the TRASH!

I like the paint color and my curtains. I had to steal them back from the craft room,(now what to do in there)? So we didn't change those. We did end up bringing in yet another storage piece. Remember I have grades K through 11th stored here.


When need be we can actually squeeze all 5 of us girls in here together!

New storage piece. I would have liked to have bought more of the wonderful cabinets that we brought from our last home, but that wasn't in the budget. Now everyone has to be more accountable for keeping their bins neat. This houses each chickadees school bin, all cds, all paper, and computer stuff. The bottom shelf is the little girl's library. Easier to put books in bins than in closets.The closet. Still a bit messy, but who's perfect? It houses all the curriculum we are currently not using and items I don't want people touching.

These cabinets house our library of books that I can't get at the library. All family games are neatly stacked above. Musical instruments in the corner, except for the piano.

The cabinets on the other wall house printer station, bill area, Superman's computer and work stuff, finished photo albums. So this room is more than a school room and is one of the most used rooms next to our kitchen.

I neat thing happened today a friend and I are swapping furniture to see if each others pieces will work better for us. Then we can decide if we should purchase that piece or let the idea float away!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Some like it hot, some like it cold... I'm the cold variety and I don't mean pea soup!
Look at the temp on our front porch yesterday and today is more of the same.

Can you believe that? It's not broken. Now you know why we Floridian's are freezing and having fires when the weather hits 60 degrees. I hear there's a cold front coming this weekend. We might be able to pull out the woolies!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Intentional or Not?

While I was doing my workout today I started thinking about all the money spent on gym memberships, equipment and all the other paraphernalia that we "need" to exercise. Now I'm not here to criticize or critic anyone. It just got me thinking about myself. Where do I fall into this category? Maybe you'll think about where you fall also, maybe not.

Trying to be frugal, careful, spend thrifty with the family finances has made me take a deeper look at this. I'm not a person who "not intentional" when it comes to exercise. I have many wonderful girlfriends that are. My definition of this is a person who doesn't have to think about getting some exercise. They are always involved in something that gives them this and their bodies crave it if it is not available to them about 12 hours after their last "session".

"Intentional" people on the other hand may enjoy being in the great out doors, but they are sitting on the back porch or on a quilt reading a book. Maybe even canning this years applesauce outdoors, but exercise doesn't come to mind. They actually have to gear themselves up for the event. Yes, it's an event and when you finally get to doing it you feel as though someone should be blowing trumpets and maybe putting a gold medal around you neck (if you've worked really hard).

So what has this to do with frugality? Well my thought is if your a "Not" person you may not need a gym membership, latest equipment, or all the bells and whistles that are out there ( at least while your trying to pay down bills or stash some cash). You can exercise anywhere or any time. You love it, your body craves it, so you'll do it whether you've got a membership or not.

The "Intentional" on the other hand need a little (in my case a lot more help). Figure out what you exercise of choice is and stick to it (I can't believe I'm spouting this(( by the grace of my Lord)). Find the cheapest (and safest) club, pool, or group and join it! Get an accountability partner. I've got about 4 I regularly speak to. Make it hurt a bit. I know that $28 is a lot out of our budget for exercise right now, so I better be using the facility. If not I feel like I'm wasting our income. Also for me, having to go somewhere and do it means I have to do it. Sometimes I can be half way through my work out and still not want to do it. I usually remind myself I'm there, wet already, so get it done. I feel great by the end! Look for other free incentives.

Our county has a 47 mile long walking trail. The pool in my community has a swim the trail program. 47 miles and you get a t- shirt. I hear it's an ugly color of blue- but who cares it's an accomplishment! I just completed my 30 mile today.( THIS IS WHERE YOU CHEER FOR ME!) This really keeps me motivated.

You can also join the President's Challenge and get moving. You can keep track of your progress and even earn medals and t-shirts. So when it comes to fitness I think you must figure out what category you in. Everyone needs exercise in our culture. Not many of us live laborious lifestyles. So get moving. Keep it cheap. Save where you can, but get healthy and move!

Head over to LIFE AS MOM for more frugal tips!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

School Happenings

We are now in week 8 of Tapestry of Grace. I really like the program. You can do as little or as much as you want. If your using it your 1st year of homeschooling, DON'T TRY AND DO EVERYTHING! I'm shocked at the number of people who are getting themselves all twisted up over this. I think it's a perfection thing. How do I know....I started falling into it and I've been homeschooling to long not to know when I'm headed for overload!

Here's what we've been up to: Map work of ancient countries, studying Babylonia, Sumeria, Egypt, Israelites and their journey, plus the beginning of creation. Crafting and cooking our way through the countries. We our in the midst of 40 years in the desert with the Israelites. We've been taking an in depth look at the Wilderness Tabernacle and put together a replica. We also tried taking a wonderful field trip to the Holy Land exhibit in Orlando. Perfect timing (we thought).

Grammy and I loaded up the chickadees in the van and headed out only to find that the park was packed and no more could enter. Bummer! They have a lot of neat artifacts there. So we headed over to the Disney Market Place. Not my favorite place. It's all about buying things, most way over priced. Anyhow, my youngest has been asking for months for a trip to Disney (which isn't in the budget). She was so excited!

Is this the real Disney? Yes, it's part of it. As soon as we started to walk around we happened upon the Princess Parade. The Little Chef joined in and had a ball. They marched over to the carousel area with the Fairy godmothers. Then they took a wonderful ride with all the village workers coming out to great them.


Getting Dusted

Then it was off for some ice cream at Goofy's place. A train ride with Grammy. A Princess coloring book from us. Playing with little ponies. Having some pixie dust sprinkled on and a special treat from Grammy (Poppy and Superman were at work).
All Aboard!

Pony Work Area

I was wiped out, but it was fun! We then headed home. The girls also enjoyed all the Star Wars things at Lego Land. The Little Chef felt like she had been to Disney World and had enjoyed the white chocolate that the Ghiradelli lady brought just for her! She told us she can't wait to go again and ride the rest of the rides.

Every girl needs 1 big lollipop!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy? Is that where I'm going?

The Little Chef helping Superman

This has been quite a week in our home. I'm sure everyone on the planet has had such a week. This morning topped it off. I actually thought maybe I should cancel school and hide in my room for the rest of the week.

I broke the water pipe that leads to the water main. Then I couldn't figure out where it turned off. I keep digging and digging with avail. Urban Girl came out and tried. A man walking down the the street wanted to know first, if it was our home.--- I am dressed in jean shorts, purple shirt, black (cute) apron, crocs and hair flying everywhere. Children running down the front steps yelling Mom and he wants to know if I own the place! Water gushing all over the back yard and chickens making rafts to save themselves (okay not that bad). So he had no clue how to shut it off.

I go around back thinking there must be another way! Water still spewing everywhere. I then hear car brakes. Ahhhhh..... Superman. Thank you Lord for letting his work be so close and giving him an understanding work place! Within second water is off. I missed finding the valve by an inch!

Me so upset with my self, just wondering what the big guy is going to say. I love him soooooooooo much! He laughed! I cried . He hugged me. We laughed. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Her face just captures how I feel.
He is now installing a safety valve just for me. I love you more than words can say!


P.S. I burned orzo to a crisp then I under cooked the next batch while all this was happening. Bed still looks good.......sigh.......