Friday, June 27, 2008

Frugal Friday -$5.50- Composting

LOOK what $5.50 can buy you! Do you think I should put these marvelous finds up for auction?I highly recommend having fun while your being frugal. I wouldn't say this is Superman's style, but he was a VERY good sport. Our church put on a "Pompous, Tacky Prom".

Superman still lookin' good. We even sprayed his hair black for the occasion!

We danced to the oldies and had a great time laughing at each other.
Afterwards we headed to a friends for a game of Uker .

Can you believe this gorgeous creation was a curtain? Watch out Vera!
I know it looks like tent!!!!! Tacky, tacky, tacky...
We finally have hot steam rising. Yippee! We weren't adding enough water to the mixture.
***Free*** coffee grounds at Starbucks. We've been adding these and they have been great. Our store has a big bin they fill everyday. They also label it with directions for gardening and composting.
We really agree that we need 3 bins. We bought out 1st one at Sam's Club for $40. A
great buy. Good for suburban gardens. It has a locking lid. Keeps critters out and lid on when heavy winds prevail. Drawback- It's hard to really turn everything that is way down deep. I spent quite awhile trying yesterday.
We've talked about getting pallets and making our own. Very simple and easy to use. Just Google - homemade composter. You create 3 stalls with a lid. With this method you transfer from bin to bin and you can open the front for easier access. But I sure like the "clean" lines of our Sam's model!
Our stores have taken all the seeds off the shelf. I find this very strange. They've always done this. Our big time to garden here is fall and winter so you think that's when they would put the seeds out! Well, I got wise and have bought most of my seeds for fall! But I still need to order if possible. I missed out on a couple of things.
That's it for today. Trying to De-clutter the school room and get it ready for the end of July! I think we've taken to long of a break this time!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frugal Friday- Hideous Prom!

Bloggy Friend Alert! Lori commented and wanted me to give her a comment but her blog address doesn't come up? So if your out there, send along your address. The recipe is "top secret"!

Good Afternoon. I'm getting a head start on Frugal Friday! I still have to figure out how to put the link up. Look for it- it may be there! But needless to say thank you Crystal Paine at Biblical Womanhood.

Today is a post about having crazy, silly fun while being frugal. Our church is hosting a "Frumpy Prom" for all the marrieds. It should be great fun! I even had one friend call me from the thrift store all excited about her find. I in turn called Superman. He doesn't share the enthusiasm that I do. As I have a feeling most of the DH's don't. But because they are all soooooooo loving they are attending.

Here's a sneak peek. It cost me all of $2.50, some thread, and silk flowers from other projects. I spent the money on 2 synthetic curtains with lace. My girls say the lace down my back makes look like a dinosaur. No, not as old as one!

I have gloves, cape, a long flowing gown, corsage and belt! Gorgeous isn't it?

And here's that glorious corsage. "Super Size' me oh please! I know you all wish you had one.........

Here's Superman's costume, did I mention he has banana colored slacks! All for $3!! I know he really matches. But he thinks it's hideous and I really need to laugh. HAHAHAHA.

Okay on to more "serious frugality". We ran the a/c 1 week out of last month and our bill went up $10. So I would like to think that multiplying that by 4 and our bill should only go up $40 for a month....(Heeheehee, I can dream.) We "offset" the a/c by setting it to 80 degrees all the time.I thought I would be "dying" with my timely meltdowns, but at night I've actually been chilled.( I'm the girl who goes to the hotel and sets it at 60 degrees.) If we leave the house for more than 3 hours we raise it to 85.( Chocolate starts melting any higher than that!) We also have been hanging our laundry in LR instead of using the dryer. (Except for towels and undies.) I think this has been the biggest savings. Plus all the other normal things we do to save on power. I'm actually waiting for the bill

We've also challenged ourselves to keep the gas bill as low as possible. So with1 old (18yrs) car and 1 old (16yrs) minivan we spent $110 last month and hardly noticed (That was 1 tank per vehicle!). What did we do different? We rode bikes! If you can do it, I suggest you do it. Everything is so close by here, that it has been great all be it sweaty exercise! We've even considered riding to church. Here comes that "crazy family". There taking Dave to far!

Seriously, Superman rode into work today! He hasn't done that in years. He used to ride 10 miles a day to work for exercise and so I could have a car with the chickadees. I think we may end up back there again and it's really not bad! Every one's getting exercise.

Remember: Have fun, be creative and above all follow the Lord's leading in your frugality! (I have EXTRA gray hair this week. LOL)

OH! don't forget to check back next week for Prom pics. I think I'm getting pinned!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Frugal Friday

First let me say, "I need blog friends!", and I'm not ashamed to beg for them! So if your interested leave a comment. I really like commenting back! Also I need some friends for my side bar! Help!

Today at Biblical Womanhood, Crystal has been talking about her grandfather. So in honor of that here is my re purpose tip! We have been hang drying our clothes inside for about a month. Because our house is for sale and we thought a clothes line may detract from it. So all has been going well (except for the hanger bumps in shirts). Well I needed a place to store hangers. My mom has a fancy hanger holder which is the same design as mine. Only hers is plastic and was made for the job intended. Well guess what mine is? It's the bottom portion of my Pasta Rack! (Remember years ago when we were all making fresh homemade pasta.......that was 3 chicks ago) It works beautifully and is made of oak (i think) WOW!
Here it is without the case you were wondering.

The portion of the rack that was for drying pasta now holds drying water bottles! There's enough room for 4 water bottles and we have 4 chickadees!

Another tip I have is customize your laundry soap. I played with the recipes online and made up ours which works better than Tide or Ecos and cost pennies to make (our opinion).

Also I time our laundry that is in dryer ie. sock, underwear. I take them out when they are warm and ever so slightly humid. The heat from them finishes the drying of them while I'm folding.
Also, I found 12 hanger packs (used) at the thirft store for 50 cents. Better quality and 1/2 of what I paid at Walmart. We seem to damage hangers.Hmmmmmm.
So if you wanna be my bloggy friend, comment. I'll comment back.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just another day.

Well today has been an interesting day. All the chicks are starting to let their creative juices flow!
The oldest chickadee "needed" to make brownies. I suggested that she make them using muffin cups. Reason #1- Less mess to clean up. Reason#2 - MOTHER HEN WOULDN'T BE AS TEMPTED TO OVER INDULGE IN THE DELECTABLE LITTLE TREATS! Everyone would know if I sneak some and I'm trying to be honest and good. Boy, do they smell good! I think they are calling me? NO, no ,no I shall not succumb to their chocolaty goodness.

I wish I had thought of it sooner... The sewing room was all a buzz with creativity this morning. 3 chicks sewing away at once! But here's a pic of chick #3 ( I wish I had one when it looked like I was running a mini sweat shop!). Chick #2 made a pattern and the other chick followed it. Now I'm starting to hear that they "need" better machines like the oldest chickadee. Hmmmmmmmmm.By the way, we found bags of scrap fabric at the thrift stores for 50 cents to a dollar. Perfect for these projects.

Doesn't the horse and owner look well pleased? I'm a happy mother hen and Superman thought it was wonderful!

Well, I'm off to finish up the laundry. I hope to post my simple laundry savings later this week.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. Amen. I've had these words going through my head most of the afternoon.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Frugal Friday

Time again to remember creativity and frugality! I really enjoy where today it is Frugal Friday. Two needs we had were new nighties and bicycle baskets. We've been riding like crazy and I was tired of old t-shirts for jammies. It's hard and expensive to find nice, cute nighties for 5 different age groups! So we headed to a local thrift shop and bought sheets. Now if this thought grosses you out, just think "Vintage"! Everything was washed and dried in the dryer. Each sheet cost about $3.00. I was able to get 3 nighties in children sizes out of one and 2 in adult sizes out of another. I wish I could show more pics, but thought it was best not to of my older chicks. Needles to say they have become every one's favorites and today I need to make more! The cost of each nightie was about $1.50! I figured in my pattern and lace I also found.

Isn't she a cutie!

I'm not sure how to turn this but I also made house coats for each girl. This one is a bit big, but I wanted her to grow into it. Everyone was able to pick their favorite fabric and I used a swing coat pattern from McCall's. These cost about $9 each to make, but they will last for MANY years!

Lastly, a need for bike baskets. Criteria: they MUST be cute and be able to carry some things! Store baskets start at $5 plus tax. So we put on our "thinking caps" and came up with these. We had planned on buying wicker baskets at the thrift store and tie wrapping them on, but we thought these were much sturdier. We found them at the Dollar Tree .They are Stearalite "milk crate" style ones and are much deeper than the "kiddie" baskets which cannot be customized easily. My middle two chicks were so excited about this project. By completion my teenage chick also thought they were really cute and wanted to make one! We laced ribbon through and tied bows (Joann's clearance, 25 cents a spool!). Then Superman tie wrapped them to the bikes. He did use a piece of PVC on the mountain bikes to fish the tie wrap through to give them more stability at the base. But on the little bike, he just tied it on! So these cost me $4 for 3 baskets! Yippee. One of my middles had a really bad crash so we will be replacing hers. The ribbon is still intact, we just need a new crate. I wouldn't have been able to buy a new store basket!

So be creatively frugal and have some fun!