Friday, March 28, 2008

Homemade Vanilla

Today is Frugal Friday! I would love to put the button from Biblical Womanhood on
but,I have NO clue of how! I have accomplished uploading pictures. Yipee! So today I thought I would share one of my very favorite things(although I'm not so sure of the economy of it). Homemade Vanilla.Yum... I'm a baker,so this was right up my ally about 10 years ago when I saw it at the State Fair!Actually my bottle is from that far back! So here we go...

You will need 1 or 2 long neck bottles.

2 vaniila beans for each bottle.

With a sharp knife slice beans open to expose the seeds and place in bottle.

Pour in either Vodka or Bourbon Whiskey to cover beans.(We prefer the Bourbon.)

Let stand for about a month in cool, dark place. Then it's ready to use.

After you use about 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle you'll need to refill with the alcohol of choice. Let it stand for a couple of weeks. That's why I've gone to using 2 bottles so I always have it on hand. I don't use in recipes that are not cooked because of the alcohol flavor. I keep some on hand from the store, but they tend to be full of gross stuff! Even the "pure extract".

We also use Bourbon Whiskey, Fresh Lemon Juice ,and Raw Honey in equal parts for sore throats and deep coughs! Our peditrician reccomended this with our 1st daughter over 13 years ago and my Grandma makes it in a quart jar. We keep it in the refrigerator for about a year. And boy, does it work!

Down at the bottom I have some pics of our garden if you care to take a look!
Have a great weekend!

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caitlin said...

I was so glad to find someone else who uses whisky/lemonjuice/honey for throats. My doctor recommended that to my parents when i was born because most cough syrups affected my asthma. The only time i had a problem with it i had was once i went to college, no alchol in the dorms and not of legal age to buy the whisky. It is the most amazing cough syrup i've ever had though, works wonders!