Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day- a day late But not a dollar short!

Good morning to all. Thank you for all your beautiful Mother's Day greetings and gifts! But a special thank you to my Lord and Savior who made it all possible for me by giving me a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful handmaidens of the Lord. I started out the day with breakfast in bed. Then off to church where my littlest chick wanted me to hold and cuddle her through the whole service.I love when that happens, it's VERY rare these days.Then off to celebrate with the other mothers in our family. Family, friends and swimming for everyone. Boy, was it hot! But it was a nice day to be with family. Everyone is growing up so fast!

The picture above is what I gave to each of the ladies in our family. It's my favorite Laundry Bath that we make here at Four Sweet Sisters. I've tweaked the recipe to our personal needs and really like it! We will be selling it here in town starting very soon!

Here's the recipe for those who can't wait: 1/2c Washing Soda, 1/2c Borax, 1/4 bar Fels-Naptha grated on a fine grater. Enough water to make 2 gallons of bath.

I heat 6 cups of water and all ingredients until they're just about ready to boil. I then pour them into bottles that are partially full of cool water. Then top off with more cool water. Shake (with lid on) and let stand for atleast 24 hours (48 is better). Shake every now and then during that time. That's it! I use 1/4 to 1/2 depending on load size. (There are a ton of different recipes- like I said I "tweaked" it for us. Hillbilly Housewife is where I got the idea)

Lemon Icee (I'm sorry but I don't recall where I got the recipe, but it's another "tweaker"):

1/3 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup sucanat w/ honey, demara, or white sugar
Apx. 3/4 of a blender of ice
Apx. 1 cup of water

*** Let Sugar dissolve it lemon juice and water. It takes just a second. Pop in ice and let it whiz around until smooth. Serve immediately to hot children and husband!
I also like to add frozen strawberries (Superman isn't big on straight lemon), blueberries, flavorings etc. I've found that it doesn't work nearly as well with stevia (I use it) because the sugar is the icee key!

A Dollar Short?
-We are not! Praise the Lord!
-NO NEW DEBT was created for yet another month!
-Still working on getting will made out.
-Stimulus money came - it stimulated our car savings account. Both our cars are almost 20 years old.
-Trying to figure out ways to create more income so we can give more away. So many areas we want to help that truly need money.
-Had a harder time being accountable to the budget because we didn't have an "official meeting". Creative financing happened a bit!

Have a beautiful day!


Tina said...

Yummy Icee! I've been waiting for this recipe:) So, after our insect egg hunt, I made some and delicious. I was out of lemons or lemon juice, so I used lime juice instead and they were delicious too. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
I bought the ingredients last week, and I'll be making the detergent sometime this week. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing your creative mind. Love to the family.

Anonymous said...

Testing testing

Tina said...

tried another version of your icee. Today I added 1/4cup more sugar, 6 frozen strawberries and 1/2cup blue berries. It really tasted like the name brand frozen 100% juice popsicles - really! We are having fun with icees. Thanks for encouraging us. Love, T-

Stacy said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

The soap sounds lovely and the Icee delicious!

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks again,