Friday, November 20, 2009


Today the chickadees and I were given the privilege of meeting P. Buckley Moss. What a beautiful woman. She was so gracious to open her home and gallery to our co-op group this morning. The girls and I felt as if we had spent some precious time with our own Bocia. She had so many fascinating stories to share and her artwork is beautiful.

You'll see no pictures here today. I felt it just wasn't right to be snapping away in this lovely women's home. If your interested in taking a peek at her work go here.

She really gave encouragement to my eldest daughters. She, like them has dealt with learning disabilities but hasn't let that stop her. Finding what she loved to do at an early age and doing it. In no way expecting or even wanting to become famous, she has become world renown. A gracious, keep you own your toes kind of lady. She has so much to share with her family and the world.

Thank you Ms. Buckley.



Miranda said...

I saw the website. The art is beautiful! I like it a lot since I'm really into art myself. :-)

Lori said...

I'm sorry I missed it now. My kids also told me how fabulous it was. My mom went there tonight for the benefit and she raved about our group.