Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man Food

Just a quick post on Man Food. Superman's schedule has change where he can no longer be home for lunch. Now I need to make sure he gets fed! He's the type of guy who forgets to eat. (I wish it were me.) Anyway it's not in the budget for him to eat out and truthfully neither he or I would want him to. So what to do. After two days of him eating oatmeal and cereal for lunch it finally redawned on me! Yes, I've done this before, but forgotten. So without further typing.... Homemade hotpockets.

I made a base mixture of grass fed ground beef and dear meat. 2 to 1. Then I added 5 bags of chopped scallions (kitchen basket from produce), 2 or so cups of chopped green pepper, chopped head of garlic , salt and pepper. Cooked it throughly iwith a glug of olive oil.
While this was going on I made up a recipe for 6 loaves of bread dough. I used soft white wheat because I had surplus from filing buckets.

At this point dough is rising and meat mixture is cooling. I seperated the mixture into 3 bowls. Then I put bowl 1 aside (nothing more to add but cheese). In bowl 2 I popped in spaghetti sauce and bowl 3 I added a can of beans, cilantro (kitchen basket), salsa (my last jar of homemade).
Of course there's a ton of other things that could be added, but this is what I had on hand before shopping day. Meat and cheese are the most important to Superman!

I then seperated dough into 32 pieces. Flatten them out and filled with ingredients and cheese. I had enough for 24 lunches and some dinner tonight! My hope is that these will last a couple of months because we usually have leftovers available a couple of days a week.

The Little Chef got some writing practice in with label making. Now Daddy can find what he needs in the morning!
I need more make ahead ideas for lunch. They must be able to be carried backpack style on a bike. Any ideas?

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