Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fight the good fight?

So I was over at Raising Homemakers this morning. I get reminders from their site via face book. Anyhow, I 'm really enjoying the site because sometimes I get bogged down in the midst of it all. I even feel at times I'm in a battle, unfortunately a battle of wills. Much of it is of my own making.

Today the discussion revolved around keeping a household. A huge item jumped out at me... Yikes! Dare I come clean... here goes..... I don't follow through enough with my girls. Ugh!!!

Those of you who know me know this. I've been trying to keep it from myself and blame it all on them. Bad mom, I know. Now believe me I'm not being to hard on myself. We all (I hope I'm not the only one) have things come up in life that throw us off track. I unfortunately don't always get back on!
One of my summer "head" goals (meaning I didn't write it down in stone) was to get on top of it with my girlies and stay there. I'm not talking about being mean. I'm saying that I'm going to be firm everyday and if we're late getting to the beach, library or a friend's house then we'll just have to explain it truthfully until we get it together. We will not shirk our responsibilities for a later time! The time never seems to come and then yes, unfortunately; Momma is having a melt down over what they didn't do! It all leads back to the Momma.

One good thing that I plan on pulling back out is our flip charts for keeping rooms clean. I made these up a couple of years ago so that each daughter would have a check off list of how each room should be done. I plan on giving classes in Bathroom 101, Pots and Pans, Sink drains and Laundry Room Etiquette. A refresher for some and new skills for others.

Pray along with me that I will set a godly example to my young and old. That we can find joy in the mundane and make our Superman, Daddy and Papa proud!


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Anonymous said...

I love your flip charts--they seem very thorough. Did you print them from a site online?
Please share.