Friday, July 16, 2010

Creative Juices

Creative juices are flowing down on the farm. The sewing machines have been buzzing with the chickadees homemade creativity. Today is all about making costumes for Chick-Fa -La's Cow Appreciation Day tomorrow.

It caught us all by surprise, it's usually closer to the end of July. Kids of all ages get involved in it here. Even the High School kids get together and make costumes. Then they head out for some tasty chicken nuggets or a wonderful chicken sandwich.

School Girl needed white shirts so she sewed them up out of a sheet. Yep, I needed the sheets for another project, but don't tell her.

The chickadees have also started their couch quilts for fall and winter. We (I) made the fleece blankets about 7 years ago and they are looking a bit bedraggled. So we (I ) decided it was time to freshen it up a bit. So here's what we (they) have done so far:

-Bought a $3 white sheet from Walmart.

-Bought Sharpie style fabric paint markers with 50% off Coupon.

-Cut out 9 x 9 squares with templates (me).

-Cut pieces of cardboard to protect table.

-Split up squares between 3 chickadees.

-They came up with all the wonderful designs for their quilts.

I'll need to buy another sheet tonight. I didn't think everyone would want to make one. Then we'll finish off our designs earlier next week and start quilting! Yikes.

The middle chickadees will be in charge of theirs, with some help from me. The plan is to show them how sew while I'm doing the youngest chickadee's.

So that's what we've been up to this week. That and a lot of freezer cooking for Superman's lunches and banana bread.

Oh here's a quick extra. Urban Girl and her friend were getting ready for PJ Palozza at church by making impromptu costumes for their Lion King dance. They had a ball!

Love it when older girlies bring out and over their machines! This is a Ladies Only Event and lots of fun!


ps. This was last week... maybe i'll get this week's up next!

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