Friday, January 18, 2008

Frugal Friday

I'm not the most computer savvy mom out there, but I am learning.....or at least willing! It's Frugal Friday over at My big tip of the week is: If you've never gardened or have and had trouble with your past adventures (that's us) join your local 4-H gardening club!
We live in the south, so this garden time for us! We have had such an abundance of spinach, eggplants and tomatoes. My girls are getting a bit tired of all the eggplant dinners! But I digress... In our area it is $10 per child, per year to join 4-H. Each child (ages 5-18) receives a 12x12 plot to work, all the seeds and plants, and wonderful help from the master gardeners! We help out quite a bit and we (the parents) will get our own plot for the spring! Only 3 of 4 sweeties can have a plot at this time. So that's 4 - 12x12 plot's for our family. We have met many wonderful people and have been able to share with each other what the Lord is doing in our lives!
I've also been able to come up with some new chemical free items for our family business that came right out of our garden!
I haven't bought produce for almost 2 months! Yipee!!!

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