Friday, January 25, 2008

Our biggest hurdle is all the little extras that we didn't know were coming. We save for the large ones, house, car, working on that 3 to 6 months. I'm talking about after we have set our bimonthly budget, I've got the allotted cash for each area set. We have done the shopping etc. Then someone calls and says, "By the way the field trip the girls are attending is going to cost $22". Yikes! When we thought it was free.
First we re-evaluate is this really needed at this time or should it be canceled? If we should go ahead then were does the money come from? Well this is how we handle it. I have a household budget that covers everything from food, car oil, a gallon of paint to crafts. We have a separate car repair fund, clothing, and house repair.
So I break my "household" into 3 to 4 areas: Food$200, Food Co-op $25(save), Biweekly$50 (deals and those things that sneak up) and sometimes a Special Date $25.
*The Bi-weekly (which I might add the Lord prompted me to do) has been the greatest blessing! I still don't want those things to happen, but I can usually cover it. Then I can hit the other deals or any clearance clothes that might be NEEDED.
** Also saving out $25 from my budget twice monthly enables me to buy my wheat, sucanat, 6 lbs. hormone free mozz. etc from my quarterly co-ops. Now I'm not scurrying to figure out where the money comes from at pick up time!

Eating healthy for a family of 6 can be pricey in our market. I buy hormone free or organic ground beef for about $3lb compared to the grocery stores here which run $6 lb and up. I would pay $3 for the regular stuff on sale here!

Co-ops, Costco, Vitacost and our garden help quite a bit! We make most everything from scratch. I'm trying to have money left over for our "Rainy Day" account. Which if ever gets big enough might make it to savings!

Have a Glorious Day!

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