Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frugal Friday- Hideous Prom!

Bloggy Friend Alert! Lori commented and wanted me to give her a comment but her blog address doesn't come up? So if your out there, send along your address. The recipe is "top secret"!

Good Afternoon. I'm getting a head start on Frugal Friday! I still have to figure out how to put the link up. Look for it- it may be there! But needless to say thank you Crystal Paine at Biblical Womanhood.

Today is a post about having crazy, silly fun while being frugal. Our church is hosting a "Frumpy Prom" for all the marrieds. It should be great fun! I even had one friend call me from the thrift store all excited about her find. I in turn called Superman. He doesn't share the enthusiasm that I do. As I have a feeling most of the DH's don't. But because they are all soooooooo loving they are attending.

Here's a sneak peek. It cost me all of $2.50, some thread, and silk flowers from other projects. I spent the money on 2 synthetic curtains with lace. My girls say the lace down my back makes look like a dinosaur. No, not as old as one!

I have gloves, cape, a long flowing gown, corsage and belt! Gorgeous isn't it?

And here's that glorious corsage. "Super Size' me oh please! I know you all wish you had one.........

Here's Superman's costume, did I mention he has banana colored slacks! All for $3!! I know he really matches. But he thinks it's hideous and I really need to laugh. HAHAHAHA.

Okay on to more "serious frugality". We ran the a/c 1 week out of last month and our bill went up $10. So I would like to think that multiplying that by 4 and our bill should only go up $40 for a month....(Heeheehee, I can dream.) We "offset" the a/c by setting it to 80 degrees all the time.I thought I would be "dying" with my timely meltdowns, but at night I've actually been chilled.( I'm the girl who goes to the hotel and sets it at 60 degrees.) If we leave the house for more than 3 hours we raise it to 85.( Chocolate starts melting any higher than that!) We also have been hanging our laundry in LR instead of using the dryer. (Except for towels and undies.) I think this has been the biggest savings. Plus all the other normal things we do to save on power. I'm actually waiting for the bill

We've also challenged ourselves to keep the gas bill as low as possible. So with1 old (18yrs) car and 1 old (16yrs) minivan we spent $110 last month and hardly noticed (That was 1 tank per vehicle!). What did we do different? We rode bikes! If you can do it, I suggest you do it. Everything is so close by here, that it has been great all be it sweaty exercise! We've even considered riding to church. Here comes that "crazy family". There taking Dave to far!

Seriously, Superman rode into work today! He hasn't done that in years. He used to ride 10 miles a day to work for exercise and so I could have a car with the chickadees. I think we may end up back there again and it's really not bad! Every one's getting exercise.

Remember: Have fun, be creative and above all follow the Lord's leading in your frugality! (I have EXTRA gray hair this week. LOL)

OH! don't forget to check back next week for Prom pics. I think I'm getting pinned!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I think I'll share it with our church! Finally, a use for all those ugly bridesmaids dresses!