Friday, June 27, 2008

Frugal Friday -$5.50- Composting

LOOK what $5.50 can buy you! Do you think I should put these marvelous finds up for auction?I highly recommend having fun while your being frugal. I wouldn't say this is Superman's style, but he was a VERY good sport. Our church put on a "Pompous, Tacky Prom".

Superman still lookin' good. We even sprayed his hair black for the occasion!

We danced to the oldies and had a great time laughing at each other.
Afterwards we headed to a friends for a game of Uker .

Can you believe this gorgeous creation was a curtain? Watch out Vera!
I know it looks like tent!!!!! Tacky, tacky, tacky...
We finally have hot steam rising. Yippee! We weren't adding enough water to the mixture.
***Free*** coffee grounds at Starbucks. We've been adding these and they have been great. Our store has a big bin they fill everyday. They also label it with directions for gardening and composting.
We really agree that we need 3 bins. We bought out 1st one at Sam's Club for $40. A
great buy. Good for suburban gardens. It has a locking lid. Keeps critters out and lid on when heavy winds prevail. Drawback- It's hard to really turn everything that is way down deep. I spent quite awhile trying yesterday.
We've talked about getting pallets and making our own. Very simple and easy to use. Just Google - homemade composter. You create 3 stalls with a lid. With this method you transfer from bin to bin and you can open the front for easier access. But I sure like the "clean" lines of our Sam's model!
Our stores have taken all the seeds off the shelf. I find this very strange. They've always done this. Our big time to garden here is fall and winter so you think that's when they would put the seeds out! Well, I got wise and have bought most of my seeds for fall! But I still need to order if possible. I missed out on a couple of things.
That's it for today. Trying to De-clutter the school room and get it ready for the end of July! I think we've taken to long of a break this time!

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Mom2fur said...

That "Tacky Prom" idea is hysterical! What an original and fun idea!