Thursday, September 11, 2008

4-H and Sausage?

Well, today we go and set up our 4-H gardens. No One is excited about it being 92 degrees... I'm so glad our home garden is ready to go! We just need to get those temps back down into the mid 80's. Yes, I mean no I haven't posted picks yet. I wanted to do it one post. Maybe I should split it up?

What do you think???
I have started some seeds inside to get a jump on it. We should be Harvesting at the end of December ( like there won't be enough to do)!

Back to 4-H! My oldest check has been working very hard on the website for our club and plans to publish it today or tomorrow, once she gets the okay. I'll pop up the site once it's official!

Our local 4-H is also selling bushels of apples and pecans! This how we Floridians get our apples every year. Oh, I long to taste fall.... the apples are so crisp and juicy. Check your local 4-H to see if they have any sort of yummy fundraisers. It's a tasteful (I couldn't resist) way to help out!

4 Sweet Sisters will be taking orders for their Fabulous (if I do say so myself) Pumpkin Bread in October! Also a great opportunity to pick up our Freshly Ground Whole Grain Cookie Mixes.

In other news: I highly recommend the Financial Peace for Teens. We are on week 7 and getting into budgeting and checkbook keeping tonight.

So I'm "team" making cookies for tonight with my 2 eldest chicks and looking up recipes for Homemade Italian Sausage.
Pretty simple. I'll be using ground turkey (99 cents a pound) in place of pork. I won't be shooting it into tubes etc. It's so economical and I know what my family is eating! It's great in white bean soups, pizza, sauce etc. Yummy! I've REALLY been craving meat lately.
Does anyone have camera they really would recommend? I'm in need of a new one. I want one that recovers from a flash quickly and writes quick. All for under $200.


danette said...

the apples look yummy! They are almost ready for harvest here. Not quite ready though. I have pears this year on my tree and they are also almost ready. We lost all of our peaches to hail. Luckily, the neighbors have a peach farm! So, we were able to get plenty. I think I'm going to try some peach preserves. They are really good on bisquits! I have a sony cyber-shot camera that I love. I got it at walmart. And it's pink! Don't remember the cost. but it's small and easy to use. it's beginning to feel like fall here. It's been in the high 60's to low 70's. Very nice! Have a great day.

Debi said...

Awesome Apples!!

We will have our 4-H fundraisers starting late next month! And yes I will be buying my fruit for the holiday's from them!!! Great way to support our local kids, and keep them out of trouble.

I was our community leader for 6 years. But since mine are grown... I decided to try something else for a bit. But... my grandchildren are coming of age... and I will probably start up again!! Kids can't wait to get their animals!!! Granddaughter is talking about calf and goats already...(she is only 5) lol.

I wish you all the luck with the garden!! We are at the end of our growing season :( But then I am ready for that too. Good luck with 4-H too. Hope your daughters enjoy it as much as my daughter, hubby, and myself did and still are!!!

Hopoe you have a wonderful day!!

LovingLegacy said...

there's a yummy turkey sausage recipe in my south beach diet cookbook - i think i'll just get it out!!! i've been craving meat, too... i'd kill for a pink juicy steak with grillmarks and a baked sweet potato. hope you're not hungry!

and you go, girl, working on that 4H website!