Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Tasty Treat?

Don't these coconut raspberry tarts look Delicious?

Okay, I know I can't fool you! We made these Fires Starters the other night. We actually had everything on hand.... so it was free (ha ha). Oh sooo Frugal (it's frugal friday ya know)!

We used:
Gulf wax and old candles of varying scents
Lightered pine shaving from our big tree (that partially fell on our car a couple years back)
Garden twine
Muffin papers from the thrift store
Muffin tins (preferably old ones)

While Superman cut wood the girls and I set to work. We packed the shavings into the muffin papers and added the twine wick between the layers. Then I poured on the melted wax. I'm sure they'll be good enough for me to get a fire started! Superman doesn't need them...he's a Super Hero remember!

Here's one of our chicks loading logs.

And another stacking.

I know it's crazy for where we live, but we do get many nights in the low 40's to upper 30's and having a fireplace makes it oh so cozy. I can remember many a night where one of our we chicks would fall asleep on Superman while gazing at the fire. But right now it's still in the 90's and I keep thinking we're nuts! Are we turning into Urban Homesteaders?
Okay some other ideas for fire starters. I have many foil tins (small) in different shapes. It would be fun to make heart ones or even dip some pine cones in cinnamon wax and bundle them as a hostess gift.
Or better yet add a couple of logs to make a gift basket, with a bottle of whatever you like (non-alcoholic, fancy soda, wine, etc). Don't forget to add some popcorn, cookies, or chocolate! Give as a Christmas gift, house warming, hostess gift, or a Romantic date night (for friend with wee ones or anyone who needs a relaxation) . What a great surprise that would be!
Well I need to get back to it! My little chef is measuring the chair (ninety-eighty long) and now my brain (it's ninety, by the way) "Oh, so cerebral" chick #3 would say!
Checkout more great and thrifty ideas over a Biblical Womanhood tomorrow. I'm just a bit early this week!

Song in head: I'd like to check you for ticks.... (don't judge, I'm already doing that to myself!!! It just sticks in your head.....)


Funchaosx4 said...

Love the "fire starters, too cute"

The songs choice is cracking me up. I find myself humming that song too once I have heard it AND I don't really like that song AT ALL. It just sort of sticks in your head though!!!

Are you guys going to FPU Sat evening?

Funchaosx4 said...

It is called Soomebody Cares Tampa Bay Marketplace. On Range road between Hercules and Belcher. Not sure I know what BL stands for. Please, let me know about the co-op, definitely interested. Been a little skatty about being able to meet up with you at church, just crazy life right now! We will miss you Saturday evening. Have a fun time with birthday and date.