Friday, December 19, 2008


It starts with a Big Bowl of these..... Oh so sugary sweet and unhealthy!

Then add a Little Chef who sees and tastes all the value of this delights.

Some patience and perseverance................
Wa La! Christmas Breakfast Necklaces for everyone!

Breakfast, do it yourself Christmas presents and a Smile.

The Little Chef was very proud of herself. This year she wanted NO help in creating her gifts. Every time someone would walk into or near the kitchen she would start (politely) yelling, "no Peeking, no Looking." This made it very hard as she wanted us to be with her the whole time she was creating!
I see crafting and order in her future.
Merry, Merry Christmas!


shekinahhvac said...

she is adorable. she makes this all look so fun. thank you for visiting my blog. I do love yours, even though I don't always leave a comment.

LovingLegacy said...

too, too cute!! love that expression, sweet girl, and that you are so diligent and creative to make your OWN gifts! (plus get mom to let you break out the FRUIT LOOPS!!)