Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What we are up too!

Well first off...I got a new camera! Thank you Grammy and Poppy! Grammy got a DsLr and I got her old one. My old one was 3mp and hers is 8.1mp. and the flash doesn't go dead after every shot! The only downfall at this point is how much longer it takes to upload a picture. I'm not sure if that has to do with the mp or the high speed card? Anyone?
The biggest project has been the children's Christmas play. Lots of costumes and time! But so worth it. They did a beautiful job. This years play was about a spelling bee, where the contestants had to correctly spell the names of Jesus to be apart of the nativity. In turn everyone including the audience learns the different names and meanings. The children worked so very hard! Each week they would look up names to take in and share. My chickadees learned alot.All of our chicks participated in one form or another. The sheep on the right and Mary are ours. Mary is quite the actress! Everyone simply happy! They were all terrific!

Our littlest sheep. Last year two of our sheep had to be corralled for mischief
by the shepherd on stage!

Happy Mary

Miss Toni. A courageous, wonderful woman!

Donna another woman with a heart of gold and love for our children.

My sidekick and great costume creator.....Chickadee #1

Craft room after math..... It looks a bit better, but I'm still not done with my Christmas projects.

I really need this room to function better. I'm hoping to draw up ideas and see if I can get my Super Craftsman to implement them! I think it's gonna be expensive to hire him!

Any ideas???? I need at least 4 work stations, preferably 5. Enough room for sewing machines and scrapbooking. We also house the VcR/DvD and a HUGE tv in here for movies. Someone is always crafting. The room is 11x10.
I'm trying to figure out if we could do 16in (deep) shelves with 24 or a bit larger counter tops
on wall space of 3 feet to corner 11 feet, corner, 5 feet corner. Maybe the Tv should go back in closet, that's were all my things are now. A flat panel would be nice! But it all has to come in under $100. So I don't see that happening....
Any suggestions feel free to comment. This is one of the most used rooms in our home, so please share and ideas you may have!
Happy Day!


smalltowngirl said...

looks like the play was a hit! Ours was this past Sun. night and Rachel was Ms. karrie Atune! lol Ours was called, The church has left the building. And the message was how we should bless people outside our church walls. And it was great because while the kids were practicing (since Oct) they've been doing things...raking leaves for church neighbors, passing out candy at halloween, and giving each family a gift box for Christmas. It was a really meaningful play. And I can't believe that I forgot my camera!

I don't have any ideas on your craft room. The only suggestion is to go up with shelves. Use your wall space. I like the counter idea.

Schilinski Clan said...

Oh my goodness, I love the lamb outfit, so adorable! You guys are awesome! Happy Christmas if I don't get to email you before then.