Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Life has been a whirl wind. I keep stating that each time I have a chance to break away and blog. I would like to be on here a lot more, but time is precious when you're raising a family of any size. Am I right?

I did want to update on my exercise habits. Since I last posted a lot has happened. First off, the Lord has been so good in graciously giving me the toys I wanted. I got a pair of water gloves for half price at Target and I was so excited. I used them for all my arm work outs for about a month. Then I laid off for a couple of days. Some how on my break I over extended one of my shoulders. I tried swimming through it thinking it would heal. It did not. So about two weeks ago I changed my workout and got rid of all arms. I'm not sure what I looked like coming down the lane, but I can assure you it was silly!

That leads me to the next gift. This time another swimmer. She wanted me to have her old fins because she bought new ones. What a blessing. She's such a great lady and keeps me striving toward each new goal.

So it was great timing. I had the fins, so I didn't totally look like I was drowning without my arms.

Here's my workout using arms(w/o gloves) as of this week:
  • 300 back/free
  • 200 legs
  • 300 dolphin on back/just arms
  • 200 legs
  • 300 back/free
  • 200 legs
  • 300 dolphin on back (a killer)/ just arms
  • 200 legs
  • 50 to 100 jumps for bone growth

All in all 2000 a day. A little over a mile. I've cut my time down to 45 minutes (on a good day). I have not lost anymore weight. Truth be told I haven't been trying real hard. Haven't gained and I have increased muscle in legs. I was able to go up and down our full flight of stairs about 5 times today (in a row) with to much huffing. So I guess my stamina has increased!

Another goal that I met was Swimming the Trail in our county. It is 47 miles long and the pool in town will keep official records for you of your mileage. So I did it a couple of weeks back ( not all in one day) and they gave me a T-shirt saying I had swam the trail. Superman keeps telling people that I'm training to swim the English Channel!

I also have logged in and kept track with Presidential Fitness. I've made it past the Bronze Medal at this point, but I've lossed interest in it.

So what's next. Really back to watching what is fueling my body and cutting back a bit on the exercise. I was so exhausted swimming an hour, 5 days a week that I would come home and sit. There were days I could barely move and I just can't do that. I felt it was my whole life.I was also always so hungry and felt a bit out of control.

On a happier note, I am addicted to swimming. I have to do it at least 3 times a week and really no more than 4. I would like to slowly add on another 200 to 500 by next summer. We shall see!

I do know that I have to be very balanced in my life. My motto is "balance in every area except for Christ". The only place where I want to be head over heals!


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