Thursday, November 11, 2010

The End of the Apples...

The apples are about done and I miss them already. I feel like I need another case or two. Crazy? I'm seriously starting to think that I need to open a seasonal bakery.

Here's the totals for 5 boxes of apples:
30 apple pies
4 apple crisps
13 quarts of applesauce
7 quarts cinnamon apples (these were supposed to apple filling, but I didn't like the recipe)
10 gallons of dried apple chips
50 apples for eating
lots of cores and peels for chicken food

I'm hoping to get one more pie out of them tonight!

This weekend I'm moving on to a case of pears that are ripening on my kitchen table. Date night with Superman. Outdoor Movie Night with the chickadees. Oooooo and making baby burp clothes for a cutie pie that will be born in the new year! I also probably should clean up craft room which looks like a bomb exploded in it and help make 4 Sweet Sisters Pumpkin Bread!

Have a Great weekend!

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