Monday, July 11, 2011

Kefir Water Soda Expolsion!

I know I'm getting behind in updates again, but the Great Room Swap of 2011 has wiped me out. I've almost condensed 3 room into 2! I'll show pics once I finish getting this next school year wrapped and ready to go.

That being said I wanted to share with you what happened this Sunday. As you know from my last post we have been testing and taste testing kefir soda and water.

Friday night Superman and I put together a batch of each. Tinkering with the flavor of the soda. He was excited to have a taste on Sunday after church. As you can see from the first photo things did not go as planned!

Sunday after church we opened the front door to the the stinky smell of sweet, cherry cheese. My first thought was, "wow that kefir is really fermenting strong this time". Until I reached our kitchen and found this.....

Praise the Lord no one was in the kitchen when it happened. The bottle as you can see was shattered with shards strewn into the dining area. What a stinky mess. Again I asked myself why are we trying this? Oh ya our health.
I was ready to throw in the towel, but Superman actually likes the soda and wants to keep testing. So now we have new "rules".

-Only fill bottle 2/3 full (i was doing 3/4)

-Only ferment 1 day instead of 2 ( or at least test at the 1 day mark)

-Fermenting soda bottles MUST be placed in a white 5 gallon pail with closing lid. ( I'm pretty sure this should contain any further mishaps)

Already getting bubbly and we started it last night.
I also wanted to show off Urban Girl's first non box cake! Isn't it pretty?

She also made a tasty lemon icing. I love bundt pans. They just make me smile:)

I'm truly blessed that my girls like to get creative in the kitchen. Urban Girl usually just sticks to dinners. I'm more of the baker, so I'm thrilled she's seeing the need to be a well rounded kitchen chef.


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Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Ha! Just last week, a bottle of kombucha exploded in our kitchen. We were all in bed at the time, but you can bet that we sprang out of bed and ran into the kitchen to find out what had just happend. Ugh, sticky kombucha and glass EVERYWHERE. I SO feel your pain. And also your gratefulness that nobody was in the kitchen at the time!!