Friday, September 23, 2011

No Excuses... it's just Our life

That's right no excuses anymore for why I'm not blogging more frequently ( I'm secretly itching to make excuses but I won't). It's just our life right now.

We have been super busy. While everyone elses summer gardens are winding down we are gearing up for our 1st big planting of the season. Fall/ winter here at our home usually starts out our growing season, followed by winter/ spring planting. Next summer I'm hoping to plant our beds full of sweet potatoes as our ground cover.

This summer we added a large 3 1/2 x 24 foot bed to the front of our house behind the white picket fence we installed this summer. Lots of little yummy veggies are starting to poke their heads up :) We had intended to use a old work table to make a salad table, but I think it is way past it's prime and would take to much shoring up. So we've decided to either make a new raised bed out of pallets (if we can get our hands on some) or small round swimming pools ($7 a piece). I need more room for tomatoes and peppers too :0)

I've been working hard at starting our veggies all from seed. I'm happy to report that I'm making some head way, but still need to learn a lot more.

Here's a run down of what has been planted so far:

-60 collard plants (apx) they chickens love them
--we made a new bed and fenced it off from the hungry ladies!
-3 double rows of vining green beans
- Farm Girl's patch of bush beans (20 or so)
-4 double rows sugar snap peas
-8 cabbages
-8 red cabbages
-16 Brussel sprouts
-4 jalapeno
-4 green pepper
-2 cheery tomatoes
-4 Brandy wine tomatoes
-bunching onions
-mint patch
-spinach patch
-Texas sweet onions
- 8 cucumbers

-Need to plant about 30 Kale plants that are about ready.

We still need to figure out the cauliflower, broccoli and eggplant. I'll probably be buying these as plants this year do to seed problems. Also get my lettuce garden up and rolling and a variety of odds and ends.

I've also tried my hand at chocolate syrup and elderberry syrup. I've got homemade pepperoni started in the fridge. I'm hoping it will turn out tasty! Ooooo and we've found something that is helping to keep the marauders out of our gardens!

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