Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yes, I do occasionally ponder things (okay usually way to much). So much so that I can miss the big picture because I'm stuck on a small blemish.

If you feel I'm talking in code I may be (and do I even understand it?). This past weekend I squeezed in a fluffy novel about a newspaper owner who was being forced out of town by a set of Good O'l Boys. This newspaper woman loved to serve others because of her love of the Lord. Not from compulsion or legalism but for the shear joy of trying to ease someone elses burden. She was by no means a perfect herself. I needed this story. It reminded that love comes in many different ways, from a kind word and quick pray to feeding the homeless.

Forward to yesterday. I have been struggling with some decisions we are going to need to make. Small blemishes compared to the Lord's big picture. I have been concentrating on myself so much and how it was all going to work out! While I was on the tread mill it hit me. Have I really learned to love others who are stumbling?

Years ago I would have turned away from them because they were messing up big time. Yikes! I've seen many who have fallen into adultery and I have run away from them. Maybe not in actuality but definitely in spirit and love. My attitude has become civil.

Am I fearful that if I'm kind, even loving toward them that their sin will become mine? That I will somehow fall into it? I use to think it was because I wanted to keep my children from any such sin. Trying to keep the bar raised and set a higher standard for our household. (I know how bad this sounds.)

Then while reading over the weekend I watched this fictional character love those other members of the body where they were at. She didn't give them permission for their behavior but she did extend love and forgiveness. Yikes! Can I do that? Have I just been trading one sin for another?

I don't feel that everyone's battle has to be mine, but I could be loving a bit more and try to show forgiveness and understanding. I mean isn't that what I would want in the same situation?

Dear Jesus please help me not to hide behind fear, show truth when needed, grace and forgiveness and love all.


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