Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's been awhile.....

Hi all! Sorry it's been so long. To much is happening right now for me to blog. Between field trips, regular school work, 4-h and Christmas rehearsal.... I'm beat!

We were so slow and relaxed this summer that it all has taken me by surprise. I actually have thought about giving up blogging during this season.

Today, I moved my pray and praise chair back into our bedroom. It's been out since Feb. because it doesn't match with the room and takes up space while trying to sell the house.
Can I say it has thrown me for a loop! I NEED my little quiet space. So if someone wants our house they're gonna have to handle my black leather guy chair!!!

I also went through my Christmas present stash and reorganized so that I don't over buy. I won't over spend because we have a set budget. I'm hoping to squeak a new computer or camera out of it!

I also went through our DVDs and purged! I purged before our garage sale a couple of weeks ago, but seeing the garage empty makes me need to clear out again!

We're studying Romans 12:9-15 and Philippians 3:12-16. VERY GOOD!

I plan to be back soon!


Funchaosx4 said...

You have been missed! I totally relate to the needing to organize feeling, we are doing the same here. I am feeling suffocated by all the "stuff"! Hang in there, life will get a little less crazy soon.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back again and glad you were away because you were busy and not sick.
We all have busy times and you should never feel pressured to perform-or in this case, post. Rest assured that your readers will be happy when you do post and understand when you are busy with life and cannot.
Enjoy this autumn season-

smalltowngirl said...

glad to hear from you! keep posting!

Carrie Thompson said...

I like your garage sale comment, it being empty makes you want ot clear out again. I just had the SAME thought after my garage sale! That is crazy thinking!