Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Dot!

The whole reason for our Spur of the moment trip to Connecticut. My Great Aunt just turned 80! I can't wait for 90!

Alot of family from all over got together to celebrate. We saw so many new and old faces. Talked late into the nights and even learned a new game or two, hmmmm.

I was soooooooooo sick and returned home to a sick hubby and children. Note to self: don't let Superman kiss me before a big trip. But we still had fun in spite of my illness.

The chickadees 1st time seeing snow and making snow angels.Cooling off after a hot Florida winter!

We stayed with my cousin Mary and her wonderful family. They let 5 women and 2 little ladies take over their home for one long, but fun weekend. Thank you so much Mary and Nick!

I'm heading off to kill the rest of this cold....I never did get to take my whiskey, honey and lemon.

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Amy said...

Hi Julie!
It was so nice seeing you in CT... So nice when all "the fam" can get together. And, you've got a new blog stalker out of the deal! :)
Take Care, Amy