Thursday, February 12, 2009

It Looks Like a Dried Out Green Bean!

No, no Farmer Girl that's a lovely, little earth worm. Now let's let Urban chick get to work!

Quite surprisingly Urban Chick was going nuts today waiting for Superman to come home so they could start her 1st dissection project. I heart Biology!

A bit grossed out at the prospect of using fingers instead of gloves. Notice the "protective eye wear". Splashes happen.

Getting down to serious business. She even has a secretary to take notes.

I don't think it looks like a green bean... What do you think?

Now that everyone has gotten bored, the "real" dissection can start. CSI? I think not. There's a big difference between an earth worm and a frog (that happens in a couple of weeks). But I'm glad she is so excited! I'm not sure I'm ready for the fetal pig....... Only 3 more earth worms, 4 more crayfish, 4 more frogs, 4 more pigs and 4 more nurse sharks to go! Anyone want to help?


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Tricia Anne said...

Yes, I do make our own bread. :o) Do you too? From the looks of it, you are a home school mom. :o) This is our first year in the school system, we home schooled for 10 1/2 years. Need that "1/2" in there ... it all counts. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne