Monday, February 23, 2009

Just keepin it real.

Can I just say it's 3:16 A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the matter with me? I started my B-12 today and had a route 44 Sonic (stevia sweet) tea (i REALLY like there ice and they gave us a 99 cent sticker for our car)! I think I finished around 9pm. What was I thinking?

First off..... A Big Squeeze to everyone who stopped by and commented on my crafty room and everything. I needed the pick me up. Thanks for the love!

Second...... Praise the Lord (seriously), I'm actually starting to feel better. My ears are still clogging on and off, but that's about it. 2 1/2 weeks of illness is crazy! I haven't been this funky kind of sick since High School. My Mom thought I was pretending to get out of wearing the lovely black, stretchy polyester dress she had to make me for chorus.(disclaimer: she had every right to think I was pretending) We ended up in the docs office for an adrenaline shot. Where does that kind of stuff come from? And who new????? It only takes 44 ounces of caffeine to get me hyped up!

Thirdly..........What a crazy weekend? I made the chickadees Lime Slushies and decided my garb`age disposal needed a clean out. Well I keep frozen mushy lemons in my freezer for such occasions. Hey- waste not , want not. Errr right?

Well, I popped them in(lime peels) that is. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, bluomp,bluomp, bluomp, grrrrrrrrrr. Everything is going great and the aromatic, citrusy smell if FAB U LOS! Then I notice the water isn't draining out anymore.Hmm. So I turn it all off and stick my hand down and there seems to be no problem.

So I turn the water back on and it starts squirting out of the reverse osmosis thingy. Good it's clearing itself out. But to be on the "safe" side I let Superman know. We head out leaving our responsible chickadees to watch old Gidget movies and eat a lovely, very garlicky white bean chili ( in my defense: I was trying to burn the sickness out!). I was later told they would not eat the other 2 quarts in the freezer.... I'll make it into something.

Back to the drama! We come home and the house smells very Italian. There is bean sludge in the sinks and it won't drain down.... Oh how I wish I had some pictures! We'll we decide to get showers then put the dishwasher on to make sure eveything's okay. Superman will take care of the sink in the morning.

Okay, I get involved in a movie and so does he. (we tried a new to us Scottish mini series -eh). So it's been a couple of hours. I go out to pop on the washer and head to bed, but no. There is water all over my wooden kitchen floors. Standing water that is. Superman was not happy:(

So he pulls everything out of the cabinets only to find out that the dishwasher has filled itself with garlicky bean sludge. No I had not turned it on yet! So it is now 12:00 am and we are dragging the shop monster vac upstairs (yes, I did it). We went to bed at 1am........

After church were all happy. Going to quickly put the dishwasher and the sink back together and get to planting the garden. All done! No, but wait! The Reverse Osmosis is now pouring water out all over the cabinets. Superman was more Super than he has ever been. The Lord really knew what I needed by giving me a Slow To Anger Husband. I truly thank Him for it!

So without further a`due. Here's my wonderful man. A bit tried and worn, but enjoying a wonderful homemade Steak and Cheese (his fav) and Sweet Tea.

Just Keepin it Real...........good morning it 4:15 A.M.!



LovingLegacy said...

a: i am sorry, honey! i am rolling on the floor laughing - but how terribly awful! lesson you forgot to share with your readers: never use LIME PEELS in the disposal. at least that's been my experience. my hubby will be happy to know he's not the only man who has to clean out disposals and dishwashers... but oh, how sorry i am bout the floors and such!
b: yes to tomorrow (already made you enchilada casserole!) but they STILL haven't called to confirm!!! i'll call you in the a.m. thanks - anna, especially, is so excited!

Kimberly said...

Hi Julie!

Kimberly Galloway here...Just want to let you know I stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying it! Sounds like everyone is doing well. Please tell Littlest Chickadee that Mrs. Galloway says hello!

Tami said...

Oh my word!! When I bumped into you at Grace you seemed super calm about this whole thing! :) that is crazy. All I can say is, aren't you glad that is all done with??? Side note, what are you planting in your garden this time of year? anything besides peppers and tomatos?? thinking about the idea.....