Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farm Update

On Monday I shared that Cindy (Cinderella- a chicken) had lost an egg. We were bummed....

Come to find out that Fluffy ( a chicken) had been fighting her for the right to sit on the eggs!
Yesterday, our friend Sandi brought by more fertile eggs and Cindy was again content. When I went to check on her later that morning, Fluffly was standing on top of her trying to get to the eggs. Now I know why ladies fights are often called hen fights! It really did remind of a woman being protective and warding off the enemy. (Okay, I think I'm getting to involved in our animals lives-good thing we don't have a dog!)
So later in the day Superman and I thought it might be a good idea to move Cinderella out for a while and give her a little peace. (Anybody remembering needing that when you were expecting?) Later that evening he made her a cozy little house with her own personal run. I was VERY impressed!
Just before dark we put her and her eggs in. We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Look what good we had done for our poor little chicken! Well, she freaked out ! She ran out of the little house (right over her eggs) clawing, pecking, flying and moaning to get out of her new home. She thought we had left the eggs in the coop! She would not be pacified.
Needless to say we moved her and her eggs back into the coop with the other hens as fast as we could. Another lesson learned!

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Tami said...

Actually, you should probably get a farm dog or two to keep things in order on that farm of yours!!! We have one that thinks he is a farm dog!! If you have a tractor he will even follow close to the driving wheels. He should meet your Cindy.