Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Well It's been quite awhile. I hate how I plan to do 2 to 3 blogs and then life happens.
These past couple of weeks have been filled with illness, funerals, weddings, end of the year testing and pulled muscles! But today life feels a bit more "normal". I did some baking, creating, and of course school! Here's my "creative endeavor for this week. we needed a little Spring in the house.

Blown out eggs from our chickens. It was pretty gross! I haven't done this since I was a kid.

2 bird cages. They were both white and painted with I don't know what!

Here's the small cage finished in a spring green with antique gold. The chicken has been around for a long while. The eggs are fresh blown.

And here's the one for our coffee table. It turned out a bit brighter than I wanted. I roughed it up a bit, but from the picture it could use a bit more.(Maybe next year)

I had these plus 3 loaves of bread going in the oven while I worked on finishing the above projects.

The smelled terrific!

What else could they need but frosting. These aren't your store bought rolls!

Organic doesn't have to be gross or unappetizing.

So I really feel like I need a nap. My bathroom is horrible, and I don't want to even think about the decluttering I started in my bedroom and haven't gotten back to! But I have a chickadee who wants to start making quilts and some Bible to catch up on.
What's been on your plate these past few days?


Funchaosx4 said...

I for one, fellow 5:30er felt the need for a nap today too, I hope you indulged as I did ;) I so love me an understanding husband! I LOVE the craft and the cinammon rolls, well, those just might be heaven on earth!

LovingLegacy said...

pretty, and yummy!