Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As Promised

Okay, as promised here are the disturbing photos.....

Doesn't look to bad does it? This area ALWAYS piles up.

Here's the actual closet where I keep this year's curriculum. Stuff I really don't want touched goes on the upper shelves.

Here's some books......... Sorry about the pictures, I did it quick and it was painful!

And here's 1 cabinets worth of books out in the living room....... Believe me it looks even worse in real life :0

So here's the plan:

1. Wednesday- haul out all books and go through them. (give, keep, throw or craft away)

2. Thursday- clean out all curriculum. (sell, give, keep)

3. Friday- IKEA Day! We've never been so it should be fun! ( at least for Grammy and me)

Finalize room changes with Superman. Maybe even get some things moved around. (i have a plan drawn up on paper- we may need to make 1 shelf and a make shift work station)

4. Saturday and Monday- re categorize everything and put into place.

So that's it. I like the wall color so that stays. It could use some touch up, but I think I'll let it slide. There's to many other things that need more attention. I still have 1 child finishing up a course or two so I really can't close everything out. I think I'll pop all of this past years work into a big basket or 2 and save to another week.

The plan I have drawn will give us a bit more usable space, but I don't know if it will be as pleasing to the eye. This room has really never been that way for more than a day.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly thought of! I loved to hear from you ;)

Check We Are That Family for WFMW ideas.



Sweet Blessings said...

You are brave woman!:) The books can easily pile up! You can do it!! Blessings! amanda:)

Noel said...

Oh yes, books. I love them but goodness they do pile up. We put 50 feet of shelving in our schoolroom and they're packed on there. Goodness. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Susana said...

HI,I couldn't find an email address, but wanted to answer your question about how to schedule posts. Sorry to leave this in a comment:-)!

Here is the link where I learned how to do it,, if you can't figure it out from this link, just email me and I will email you a more detailed response very gladly!!

Hope this helps and works for you! Good luck, please don't hesitate to email me if it doesn't work, honestly!!


smalltowngirl said...

i think everyone has a room where it just never stays clean. our office is like that. you can clean it and then it just seems to be the catch all. and it's not big. it drives me crazy. i've tried baskets, files, matching boxes etc. . the rest of the house is good. just this one room drives me crazy! so don't feel alone :)

we adopted a hen from a friend of ours. she has fit in so well with the others. i was worried but she's doing great! she's a RI red. so she looks like the outcast with our black hens! lol

Janne said...

My schoolroom/study looks much worse right now. :(

I've been to the new IKEA twice now...and it put sooo many ideas into my head about ways to organize this mess! Now, if only I had the money to back up those ideas! LOL

My suggestion for IKEA - take a camera so you can take pictures of any ideas you'd like to implement. That's what I plan to do next time.

(BTW, I'm not a cyber-stalker; just a Christian mom. I finally clicked on the "Top Land o Lakes blogs" in my Feedjit and found you.)