Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pondering or Rambling?

*********Oh the Horror! I'll be posting the pictures as soon as my battery charges.**********

I'm sitting here in our School / Computer/ Office/ Library/ Musical Instrument Room and well......... I just don't know how to control this room. I'm constantly freaking out, yelling, crying over this 11x10 space.

I've tried going with the flow. I've used every organizational skill known to woman kind. This space is just not working. At times all 6 of us gather in this small space. It holds 4 large cabinets, 3 computers, a dining room table, 5 to 6 chairs, and an encyclopedia cabinet.

I need to haul it out yet again. Put away the past year and get ready for the new one. As you can see I'm not doing what I should be doing.... Anyone want to come and help me? I'm REALLY Serious.

On to happier thoughts... Summer has become so crazy! It's great, but I haven't adjusted to our schedule. We all are involved in some sort of swimming from 8:30 until 10:30. By the time we get home it's time to start lunch and get Urban Girl off to work. So from 1pm until 4pm I have got time to get everyone involved in some sort of project, reading or school assignment. Then I need to have dinner started and do my list of jobs. Such as the wonderful ROOM I mentioned above. I'm really happy we're all exercising and taking a break from the regular. I just don't know how to fit in the other stuff I still need to do.

I'm pooped! Betty Lou and the other Water Aerobics Instructors are killing me. ( My body is feeling better). So wonderful things are happening, but I'm having trouble switching those gears!

Speaking of switching gears. A couple of weeks ago I took our little girls to the thrift stores. On our way home we saw a person selling sheets; out of a van, in a gas station parking lot. (You know like the set ups you see for rugs on the side of the road.) Well, I got a really good laugh. Sheets! Who had ever heard of such a thing! I told Superman, who in turn thought it was pretty amusing.

Well, this past weekend I was doing a couple of errands when I saw another person at a gas station selling sheets. 600 thread count! Yeah right. Well, I don't know what made me do it, but I switched lanes and pulled in. (I just don't do that sort of thing) I kept telling myself you buy veggies this way occasionally. Just check it out. It's probably a scam.

I took a looksie. This how the story goes from the Sales Lady. They had just closed down their furniture store showroom and had started an online store (she gave me a card for said online store). The sheet sets were a promo they had been running at the store and were getting rid of them. They were supposed to be 600 thread count but the manufacturer sent 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton. A set of king sheets with 4 pillowcases (actually all the sizes) were $20 dollars a set!

$20 a set. I can't get sheets for that price at Wally World. I felt them. They were OOOhhh so nice. I had grocery money burning a hole in my pocket, it has been 8 years since we bought sheets and it was date night! Wouldn't Superman like some luxurious new sheets? I bought them ;)

When I got home Superman was covered in dirt (no way was he getting close to my luxury). He was a bit dumbfounded that I had actually bought sheets from a Roadside Vendor (hey, you have to keep the mystery alive)! I took them right in and washed them in my new friends and laid them on the bed. Ahhhhhhh. Luxury.

They are a bit thinner than Bed, Bath and Beyond but well worth it and ohhh so soft!

What crazy things have you bought on the side of the road?????
Anyone care to help with my room????


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