Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Open House

Yesterday some friends and I held a Little House on the Prairie Open House. We had a lot of fun (so did the kids)! We had stations set up with butter making (I'll never grow tried of this activity), Hush Baby making, knot tying, animal scouting, vintage paper dolls and fun pioneer games. We also had some yummy, easy treats. Johnny Cakes with maple syrup, corn bread, sweet corn, candied ginger, and birch beer. Yummy!

Superman shak'n the butter.

Some of the pioneer girls getting ahead start on paper dolls. School Girl made up the outfit designs for the dolls!

The whole point was to get people excited about Little House on the Prairie the Musical. We did that...but to me it was really about getting together and having fun. No pressure to perform (which I feel a lot when I'm teaching a class ((perfectionism??)). Just fun! I had to remind myself of this a couple of times when I was thinking of projects ( I am my own worst enemy). Simplicity at it's best! The children really enjoyed the games that Mrs. Sweet Pie thought of and the food and knot tying led by the Gilbert boys and girls was so neat. The little guys who attended were entranced by the older boys teaching! Love it!!!!

Knot tying, look at how engrossed the are!

Making Hush Babies

Plan a day with friends and their children. Each of you come up with some super simple activities and have fun. We always need more FUN!

Don't forget to check out Little House on the Prairie: the Musical!



Champion Builders said...

Thank you so much for organizing this ladies. I'm sorry I missed it, but my Prairie Girly LOVED the whole thing

LovingLegacy said...

super cute!! i so wish we'd been able to participate in the ambassador program... you guys rock!