Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ode to Bess

Bessy, Bessy my messy Bessy
how we have used thee.
Through rain and heat we've stuck to the seats.
Drawing patterns with our breath on thy windows.
Spilling Slurpee's and iced tea and even a little wee.
To thee sea, thee country and thee snow(?) we hath gone.
Hauled manure and compost and even had a toast.
Through diapers and drool, you have been no one's fool.
It's time to say a due. We will always be thankful and grateful for you!
O Bess you were always a mess.
How we doth love and appreciate you!
Bessy 1994-2010


Champion Builders said...

RIP Bess! (loved the poem Julie)

urbangirl said...

Snif...... Snif..... That made me cry! Love u Bessy!!!!

Tina said...

you rock poetic friend.