Thursday, February 4, 2010


One way I've decided to challenge myself and my family (a bit) is by being creative with all the "funky" veggies we get in our kitchen basket. The first year we belonged to a co-op I did this, but then we got away from it when we got our chickens. They really enjoy chard, kale, beets greens, you name it! I justified giving the chickens these veggies 1) by they didn't get to roam as much as we would like and 2) we would be getting the nutrients in our eggs. So in my mind we are eating the veggies!(not- i know a bit gross)

Yesterday was our pick up day and we got 2 big bunches of kale (can anyone say yuck). I decided that night was the night for Kale Chips! Mmmmmmmmm. Okay, I'm still thinking gross! Anyhoo, I got all my dicing of our abundance of peppers, dill and cilantro done and put in the freezer. Then I washed and remove the rib from the kale leaves. It really was a pretty color of green. I then found a couple of recipes online and went from there.
Basically you toss the kale in olive oil and sea salt (salt of your choice). You mix them together in a big bowl, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 10 to 15 minutes. Just until the edges are changing color.

Here's what they looked like after. Very crispy and pretty tasty( I would not say they tasted like potato chips)! They would definitely take care of any greasy, salty food cravings. I was surprised. I did add to much salt, but I would definitely serve these again. They are simple, quick and easy. I would just add less salt.

I'm sure many of you have given these greens a try, but if you haven't you really should! I may actually start growing some in our home garden.


Kale is very low on the glycemic index and super high on the anti- inflamtory!


Tina said...

You're a far sweeter Momma than I. I just make them eat them along with collards and mustard greens and serve, "mixed greens."

I may get adventurous and give the chips a shot.

LOVE the candle holders!

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LovingLegacy said...

so cool - i can't wait to make these!