Friday, August 6, 2010

Bible & Beach

A beautiful thing is taking place here. Every once in a while the Lord just puts something ever so precious in my lap. Right now that something is Bible & Beach. About 13 young woman and a couple of us moms are meeting weekly at the beach. We're digging in deeper to what the Lord has for us and fun fellowship.

We are working our way through Eric and Leslie Ludy's book, When God Writes Your Love Story. For some it's a new concept and for some it's confirmation. While for others, it is a helpful reminder of all the beauty that awaits those who seek after His heart.

The main reason I highly recommend this book is because it places the reader in the "driver's seat". It's not just what parents, grandparents or even what pastors say we have to do or should be doing. Its not about rules, regulations or the "perfect" way to date. Just an invitation to invite the Lord into all parts of our lives including our romance life. Heavy and rich. Better than any chocolate I've ever tasted.

I'm being reminded of my own romance and asking the Lord some 21 years ago (almost) to guide it. I see some of the errors of our ways and I'm reminded of His forgiveness and mercy. I'm just so grateful that I have an opportunity to share it with my daughters and other young woman. I'm also grateful for other "20 something" women who are willing to wait and who are wanting to share their struggles and achievements with those younger woman coming up behind them.

I know some of you reading this must be thinking, "what a crazy woman this is". Well, crazy I am but all for the Glory of my King.

Happy in Him,

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Tina said...

I wasn't thinking crazy, I was thinking, to get through this with my girls. What a wonderful and beautiful blessing. I can't wait to see God move in the lives of these young ladies. May God get the glory even at the day of their weddings. Hallelujah!