Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Peachy

A bad day canning is better than the best day shopping! Can I tell you that I have been going crazy wanting to can! But unfortunately there has been absolutely nothing available to stock up on and can. That is until these fabulous peaches went on sale for 69 cents a pound. That is a terrific price for where we live!

It's been years since I've done peach jam. So I read up on all the procedures and on how to can peach slices. I made sure I had plenty of lemon juice, clean jars, lids, rings and sugar. I also watched Homestead Blessings, Canning addition. The Chickadees really enjoyed watching the West Ladies and I got a little braver about trying my new pressure canner. (I still haven't used it.)

Scoring peaches for their hot tub time.

Boiling for about a minute to loosen skins. Some of them just didn't want to loosen. I let them sit in ice water next to help even further. Some still were persnickety!

Farm girl stopped by from the pool to help out. You can see some of the lovely finished product on the side. We used lots of lemon juice to keep the beautiful color.

Yummy canned peaches after a 20 minute hot water bath. (I just can't bring myself to try my pressure canner.)

It was a lot, I mean a lot of work to produce 17 quarts of peaches. I was a bit bummed when I pulled them out of the canner and I had peach juice leaking from more than half of my jars.I really thought I had given them enough head room so that wouldn't occur. They all sealed, but I have them stored in our dowstairs fridge to be on the safe side. They can live there for at least 6 months. Maybe longer.(The reason for the dark color is that I used molasses crystals with honey in place of white sugar. )

I had planned on making jam over the weekend, but I was pretty bummed about the peaches and how long it took. My girls all got in on the act and made things go so much quicker. So today I hope to do some jam!

I'm trying new pectin. Pomoana. Has anyone used it? I read it doesn't work in the same fashion as the general pectin's. Let's just pray we get some good results. My pantry shelves are getting bare and need some beautiful color!


We also tried making fried peach hand pies with another family. The were yummy!


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