Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a bit of fun

Bakerella and the Cake Boss we are not! But we sure enjoy pretending we are and acquiring some new skills a long the way!
I really have to make an effort at times to just let my chickadees do it their own way. So I set a morning a aside a couple of weeks ago for them to practice there cake decorating skills. The white and chocolate cupcake pictures are from that day.

Farm Girl concentrating...
Isn't she sweet! Farm girl learned to make this and the flower cookie below. She had a great time at a birthday party with friends creating and decorating.

I thought she did a terrific job on these little flowers.

This was the Little Chefs first experience. It was all about squeezing hard and getting as much on the cupcake as possible. More chocolate please!

Some of the finished product.

Here is a beautiful cake that was created by a friend at Country Boy's . She loves to make cakes like the Cake Boss. What neat birthday gift for the Little Chef who really wanted a Pink Castle Cake and had a Mom who was to wiped out to make one. Roddie used rice crispie treats for the two top layer and the towers. Ice cream cones and home made fondant. Unfortunately it had to be eaten fast because it was melting from being out in the heat (feels like was 112 degrees) during transport. No worries though, not a bit was wasted! I couldn't believe how everyone wanted seconds and I heard of a couple of thirds. Ooooo and the inside was also pink and was made with strawberry jam! (I know what you're thinking, it just had to be healthy!)

So we this week we have a cookie decorating party planned for younger girls. It should be very creative and sweet.


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Champion Builders said...

Farm girl really did a great job with her decorating. She definitely loved doing it. Have fun doing it again this week :)