Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frugal Failures

Has anyone else had a Frugal Failure out there? Well, we sure did! Despite all my best efforts and preplanning I still went over budget for the holiday season. Hmmmmmmmm.( Truthfully, I think we do every year, but we take it out of short term savings and pretend it never happened. )
Well not this year! Nope. We are going to buckle down and eat from our Pantry. The one that I, the Chickadees and Superman have created this past year.

I've been meaning to post about this project and have even started posts and then things have come up that needed more attention. Well now is the time! Aren't you excited? I'm always up for a challenge. I thrive on them (most of the time).

My goal is to eat out of our pantry, freezer and grain storage for at least two weeks. I do have moo la for produce and milk. I think the hardest part will be skipping the BOGO's and seeing things get depleted... I like this little safety net we've created, but I think we should see it in use. It will give us a chance to see what needs to be tweaked. Also, Money Saving Mom is doing it for a month with updates so, hop over there and check it out. ( I laughed when I saw the post, saying " no way, I'm not up for that right now".)

Let me tell you what you won't find here: a full weekly menu. I 'm just not in that kind of place right now. I like creating on the fly and seeing what new things we can come up with. We're in a season were we can do this. I highly recommend bi-weekly menu planning and cooking once every two weeks if you're having trouble finding time to get meals on the table because of the crazy schedules that most of us face. That being said, I have thought of a couple of things we will be enjoying (ahead of time).
So here's the 1st big step: Get the mini pantry in order!(yes we have a mini pantry now....)

And if that wasn't bad enough! Here's a close up of all the junk that has come into our home over the holidays. P.s. we will be keeping most of it and weening ourselves slowly...

See Superman's Cap'n Crunch? He gets that yummy (ugh) stuff every year for Christmas. Health Nuts turn away! Oooooooooooo and we tried Nutella. All I can say is , "Yummmmmmm!"
Okay get a grip. Back to organizing and getting ideas for the next two weeks meal. I hope to post about our "real pantry" and how and why we decided to do it in a day or two (no not weeks)!
So any Frugal Failures your willing to share and possible ways to remedy them? Love to hear from you.

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Schilinski Clan said...

I LOVE Nutella too!! Cameroon has it's own version that isn't half bad... Jude is already addicted. His other favorite snack is tomatoes, so that makes up for it :-)