Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Much to say.

Good Morning All! We had a wonderfully busy, four day weekend here. We started out our time together visiting a reenactment of Civil War life. We had a chance to here the cannons blow and the muskets crack. A little unnerving when your aren't prepared for it.

All the Dads in our group were entranced. We learned about Morse code and the telegraph service. How to dress for day, evening and what type of hoop skirt was used for different activities. Everyone enjoyed some sarsaparilla, fried peas, parched corn and fry bread. The chickadees has lots of new ideas for ball gowns and bonnets. ( I think we will have a busy summer.)

These were war refugees getting dressed for the day. The hairstyles were so intricate! Did you know that they made specific chairs for men and women? The hoops that women wore couldn't fit into chairs with arms. These chairs were also sold in pairs because married couples were the ones most likely to need them.

After leaving the Raid we then headed to Bocia's to drop off Christmas gifts and check out her computer glitch. (Bocia, how do you like the new background? I did it in your honor.) We then gave Bocia kisses and headed onto my folks who had a Surf and Turf Birthday dinner waiting for us! School Girl and I both celebrated birthdays over the past week or so. The dinner was yummy. Poppy, you're the best at the bar-b-que!

The next day I went to a couple of Thrift Stores alone. Didn't find much, but it was nice. I also had a great date night with Superman.

Sunday was my official turn -- day! The Chickadees had the whole day planned after church. Urban Girl made a roast beef (from the freezer- remember our frugal pantry) and shrimp, banana splits and lots of other treats. She did a FABULOUS job! Thanks honey. She and her sisters also planned an In Home Spa Day. I'll leave out the description because this post is getting crazy. Here are some fun pics!

These last nails WERE NOT a creation of 4 Sweet Sisters. Nope these were my lovely mother's idea. Gross, huh? Move over black olives! What can you do with shrimp tails!

By Monday we were exhausted. No school was done, but I did sit down with our two oldest and go over monthly budgeting. We then set up their budgets and goals for the 2010. A nice fire, Meet Me in St. Louis and off to bed. What a wonderful time.

Thank you to everyone who made it so special with cards, gifts, their time and shout outs on FB.


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Happy Belated Birthday!