Monday, January 11, 2010

Pantry Update and Frugal Failures 2

Before I show you my beautiful (boring) pictures of my Mini- Pantry I wanted to to share Frugal Failure #2. Yes, two in 1 week.....sigh......... stop by here to read one.

Last Thursday night we took School Girl out for a special Dad and Mom dinner and a movie. I was so excited because I had a gift card for the restaurant she wanted to go to and the movie was only $4! Yep, I was pretty pleased with myself.

We went to Chili's and ordered the 2 for $20 meal plus a meal for Superman. They proceeded to have a "who could eat the most salsa and not cry" contest while I basked in the glow of my frugal accomplishment. Dinner was yummy ( i walked that day). School Girl received her family ring that night and we enjoyed our desert; brownies, ice cream and chocolate. The waiter asked if we needed anything else and gave Superman the bill. I whipped open my gift card envelope, brought forth the golden card and handed it to my adoring Husband. He looks at the card then turned it over. "Uh, Babe."
"Yes my sweet, Knight in Shinning Armor."
"This card is only good for Olive Garden, Longhorns......"

Crash and burn. I looked at my knight and just laughed! What could we do? So much for not spending any moola. We had a good laugh and now I have a gift card for my birthday! So much for being frugal.

So here are the pics I promised of our Mini Pantry. I will post some later of our full size, but you'll have to wait. Right now we are sewing Civil War period dresses for a Raid we are attending this coming weekend.( i hope it's as neat as we think it will be.) They even have a Blue and Grey Ball and Ladies Tea.

Looks much better than it did. Unfortunately I had to throw out a couple of items.
I hid the Nutella! That stuff is tasty :)

This is how I store beans for short term. I do keep larger buckets of some varieties in the "cellar". I also buy the HUGE 5 liter bottles of Olive oil because they are cheaper and I refill my smaller bottle when needed.
Head over to Money Saving Mom for more tips and ideas. We have been eating some tasty meals and I really hope I don't have anymore frugal failures to share (at least for a couple of weeks).

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Tina said...

Your pantry looks like a much happier place ;)