Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Apple Cider Vinegar

Well, I'm finally starting to feel a bit more human today! This infection and the medication has really thrown my body for a loop. Today I will be starting a regime of organic apple cider vinegar and raw honey to help get my body back on track. The other night I was praying and I really felt impressed to get apple cider vinegar. So On Sunday I caught up with a friend at church who said,"funny you should mention it, I just started this morning". So I read her Bragg book on it and felt it would greatly help my situation. I'm also planning on starting my rebounding again. It really feels great and my skin and body feel so much firmer from it. I put it away 1) because our house is on the market and it is in the way 2) I can't keep my chick-a-dees off of it! I end up having to pull a timer out etc.etc.
We also have no more Sky Angel as of today! They went to IPV and it was going to cost us $60 or so a month to upgrade! Yikes! Dave R. says, "It's not in the budget!" And we really don't want all the other channels. We only used Hallmark,HGTV, and Fox News. So it's not worth the moo la. I think everyone was a little to attached, so all the more reason to get rid of that! So in it's place I will get back to guitar lessons.
I've been trying to teach myself over the years and even took a class as a teen. Some of our chicks have been taking lessons at church. They are doing wonderfully! So between them and Jean Welles I hope to greatly improve:) I'm also praying about free or bartered violin lessons for one of our chicks. We were using a student teacher, but our schedules became conflicted. Our little chick misses it and is taking guitar in it's place for now. I have another one who really would like to start piano! We really love praising the Lord in music and song here!
Have a wonderful day and rejoice in our Lord's great mercy!

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