Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blueberries and Strawberries Oh My!

Tasty Blueberries.

Strawberry Face.

A hard days work for the older chicks and myself!

We went a bit crazy this weekend and went blueberry and strawberry picking all in the same day! Yes, I'm a tired, but we did have a lot of fun. The fields are about and hour from our home and with the way gas prices are we decided to make a day of it. The chicks had a great time. Although the younger ones got a bit bored after they were stuffed with berries!

They spent a good deal of their time with 2 of the farm's horses. One chick took it upon herself to name them Johnny and Louise. And cried as we left because I forgot to take a picture of Louise... Needless to say I had been busy with baby wiping that chick down. The layer of dirt that came off her feet and legs! Yikes!

Monday we got a late start. But we were able to make lots of strawberry and blueberry jam. Plus about 6 quarts of syrup for pancakes and milk shakes (Superman's favorite).

Since we are wrapping up some school things we are busying ourselves with reading. The chicks are reading about Princess Diana, Abigail Adams and the Wright Brothers. But everyone is thinking and learning!

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