Thursday, April 24, 2008

Decorating and patience

When I was a teen I always said if I had a home with 20 rooms I would decorate them all differently! There are so many different styles that I'm drawn too. Over the years I've had to try to refine my taste a bit. So now I'm somewhere between a traditionalist,country,minimalist (if that makes any sense?).I also really like the shabby chic and flea market look. I enjoy getting subscriptions to a couple of mags a year. Although I hate ads! My favorite is Country Living. Something about all the colors in there gives me peace, joy and a sense of lost feminity.

So over the past couple of years Ive been tearing pages out of these mags of favorite things, ideas and colors. One of the reasons I've done this is that I have a hard time mixing and matching patterns and colors. I really don't care for "matchy" furniture (which we ended up with because of price((but it can be recovered easily when the time comes, I think)). Paint and fabrics throw me for a loop sometimes. Also being on a tight budget doesn't help. I tend to be less daring and afraid of mistakes. If it's not right I still have to live with it. Or change something else which throws the budget off. A vicious cycle!

So now here I sit waiting to see were the Lord will lead us. My house is in "up to date selling mode" and really not me anymore (I've packed up some of the homeiness and our personality). We've started thrifting and I keep finding and passing things up that would be wonderful but not for now. So my prayer is that the Lord will work in me and show me way to change this home or the next for the stage of life we are in. That I will not over spend or buy anything unesscesary. That He will give me ideas of how to reuse and reinvent what I already have. That I will expand on the talents that He has given me to make our home a true place of peace, happiness, and a refuge from the outside. But above all that I will grow to His satisfaction in patience during this time!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Amen! It's so hard to pick one style, and it's hard to justify spending money on decorating when there are so many other obligations. I'm kind of stuck here right now, too, but I hope that over the years, things will just fall into place.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

One of my chick's took apx. 1/2 a year of violin from a student teacher. Conflicts in schedule ended the lessons. Anyway it's really not in the budget for lessons at this time. Any suggestions? She's been taking guitar for a couple of months at church, but she's not as interested and has been tuning up here violin and practicing on her own.

Hmm. I think lessons are very important if you want to be a good violinist. It is pretty much impossible to play well without lessons from a good teacher.

You have a huge advantage that she's interested. It sounds like the only problem is money.

Could you find an advanced student that would be willing to teach for cheap or free? I used to teach for $5 a lesson when I was starting out. Some teachers will also give scholarships, and I've also heard of teachers trading lessons for housework, babysitting, etc. My mom accompanied my teacher's group lessons on the piano for a discount. She and my dad managed to put four of us through violin lessons on one income. They had to make sacrifices, especially when we moved up to a better, more expensive teacher and buy nice instruments, but I'm so grateful that they did it.

If you would like to chat about it some more, feel free to contact me through the e-mail address on my blog. Good luck!