Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Monthly Check-up!

March was a crazy month for us! We blew through our EM two times! Surprise Dental Bills! Meaning we really thought our mouth's were in great shape. Anyway, I ended up having a raging infection for over 2 years(yes, I had been to the docs and they keep saying nothing was wrong). That is finally clearing up. Praise the Lord! We also decided it was prudent to have sealants done for everyone who needed them. That's alot of teeth!
Instead of rattling on.....

- Went through EM two times. ***But we paid cash and in full***
- Saved another $400 for everyone Else's teeth expenses this month.
- Funded 1/3 of original EM back. (Plan to have the rest in by the end of April)
- Canceled TV, but picked up Netflix. It's so much better for us!
- Did a tally of what I truly spend for groceries for our family of six. $350 a month ($85 per week)@ about 70% organic food. I have a general house fund that groceries is listed under, so I wasn't totally sure. But I feel good about it.
- Kept the checkbook balanced all month! I had gotten REALLY lax here!!

New Goals!

- Get the house sold. This is really in the Lord's hands...
- Up our EM. We decided that a $1000 starter isn't enough for our family. So we'd like to get around $2000.
- Really peel away at that debt. It's really small, but we need another source of income to get rid of it. Debt is debt if you can't pay for it,no matter how small!
- Make out wills.
- Save for a car(ours are 15 and 19 years old). Also should we totally getrid of one again. The Lord provided our second car. It gets much better mileage than the family car , but it only seats 5. Also biking is pretty dangerous around here, my husband stopped when he was having to work later and I was on bed rest. We shall see what happens!

So it's amazing and a huge blessing that all this was taken care of without having to take on debt. I have to admit I'm getting very antsy,not being able to take a HUGE bite out of it!IWant it done and I want it done now! Hmmmmm, maybe the Lord wants me to learn something else here. You'd think I would have gotten this out of the way by now!

Does anyone know how to edit correctly? Eveytime I try to fix something or spacing I lose part of my sentences!

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The Happy Housewife said...

Great job, especially on the groceries. $350 is a very small amount!