Thursday, April 3, 2008

Frugal Friday

Friday is tomorrow and my wonderful husband has taken the day off to go for strawberries with us! There is a quaint little cafe that we go to for a light lunch and then for strawberries. This year were taking Grandma and cousins with us. It's a fun trip. Later in the month the organic fields will be open for picking and we'll load up then! Tomorrow will enjoy the shortcake and cherry smashes!

Frugally speaking: We have really been trying to cut our power bill down. This was our best month yet! Only $137 last year $170apx. We haven't put the air on yet, but we are paying for it with a bit of sleep deprivation!
We have a wonderful kitty that lives behind us ( I use my 3rd daughter's description, not my own). Usually around 2 A.M. he starts! I thought it was time to get up and nurse the baby. Hmmmmm, that's right I haven't had a wee one for 2 years! Then 2 nights ago all the fire alarms decided to test themselves at 3 A.M. They work really well! Everyone was up... Last night I was just waiting and finally fell asleep around 1:30 then.... I'm still not sure what it was all about, but my husband jumped out of bed! I mean JUMPED! The noise was so "stinkin' loud" (Superman's words). It sounded like a crazy bunch of ducks charging our house. Superman (that would be my wonderful husband) said 2 dogs were out front fighting over something. Yup! We think it was a duck. We call them Florida Turkeys, the big mangy kind. On top of all this we've had a road crew working a block over and 3 A.M. must be break time, because there's always quite a bit of laughing and beeping trucks(I'm not swearing, they're backing up)... BUT never fear! The humidity will soon be up and we'll need to put the A/C on.
We have also been: turning off the computers if they are not used within an hour.
turning fans and lights off when no one is in that room,
timing the laundry in the dryer,
bake on one day,
put in compact bulbs (only in enclosed lights),
we unscrewed 3/4 of the bulbs in the house- who needs 240 watts to take a shower by!
***My goal is to keep the A/C off as long as possible. I would love to make it through the end of May, but we are usually in the mid 90's by then.

Ways to stay cool: eat frozen berries, cool wash clothes from freezer, cold jugs of water in the fridge, cool showers, ceiling fans, frozen lemon water with a touch of sucanat,cold baths (our little ones feel like they're swimming) and going down to the beach were the breezes are!
Summers Almost Here!

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Mom2fur said...

That's so funny about the cat. He's probably a tom looking for a party, LOL!

I don't know why this works, but if you put your wrists under the faucet and run cold water on them, it cools down your whole body! At least, for a bit!